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Tanning Oil

8 Fl. Oz.
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Many of the most popular products on the market today contain ingredients that you probably would NEVER consider putting on your skin if you knew what they really were.

And, believe it or not, even ingredients that have been shown to dry out your skin!

That's why I took matters into my own hands and created a Tanning Oil that offers you the best of all possible benefits.

With a perfect blend of nine ingredients, each serves its own special purpose in nourishing, protecting and moisturizing the skin, while promoting a dark, rich tan.*

Introducing Mercola Tanning Oil

  • No emulsifiers
  • No chemical preservatives, including zero parabens
  • No fragrances
  • 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Completely hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof

Plus, it's proudly made in the USA.

Imagine how amazing you're going to feel when you know you got that tan with a clean formula tanning oil that treats you and your skin the way you deserve.

Now, stop imagining… you can have this and more simply by selecting the most cost-effective and valuable tanning oil available today…

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    • Customer Reviews


    • Barbara G. Verified Buyer
    • 06/08/2020
    • Love It!

      I decided to use this on my body the 1st time out sun bathing. Yep, it does state that it will not block from burning. Yep, I did get burned. It was such a beautiful sunny afternoon, I didn't notice the heat of the sun because the temperature was cooler. I love how you can spray this onto your hand, as much as you want and then apply it to your body and it does not have any odor at all either! Then I used Dr. Mercola's After Sun Cream after I got home and showered. I love that too!

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