Supporting Biodynamic Farmers

From fibers to finished goods, we support biodynamic practices that strengthen our planet and meaningfully impacts the lives of farmers.

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Cotton fibers are hand harvested in South India by biodynamic farmers, 50% of which are women.

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The cotton is then ginned, cleaned and compressed into bales for ease of handling and protection from contamination.

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Extra-long, tensile-strength fibers are carefully spun into yarn and woven into luxurious fabric in GOTS-certified factories.

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100% pure cotton fabric is dyed in a natural, neutral palette using nontoxic, low impact dye for vibrant, long-lasting color.

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This single-origin fabric is finally cut and sown into beautiful, Sito® In-Conversion Biodynamic® textiles that are as strong as they are soft to add to your healthy home.

Sleep Sustainably

Experience restful, restorative slumber with cotton that's made simply. Feel the inherent softness of In-Conversion Biodynamic® cotton and nothing else.

Mindfully Made Must-Haves

Garments dyed in a natural, neutral palette that are as gentle on the environment as they feel on your skin. Start with Earth-friendly basics that feel good and do good.

Clean Cotton

  • Responsible Materials

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