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Blue Tube Headset: 3-Pack

Blue Tube Headset

Blue Tube Headset

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There are now more than 20,000 publications in the scientific literature that show significant biological effects from the use of cell phones. As you move your cell phone away from your head, the risk of radiation exposure decreases rapidly. Clearly, the further away from your body you can keep your phone, the better.

Regular cell phone headsets or the earphones that come with your phone do nothing to protect you. In fact, they can actually increase your exposure because of the way they are constructed.

The metal wire or cable in regular sets allows the radiation coming from your phone to easily travel up the wire or metal into your head. And if your phone has an antenna, it can attract other EMFs and increase your radiation exposure.

My Blue Tube Headset uses hollow, air-filled tubes to convey sound from the chest to the ear, preventing radiation from your phone from traveling up the air-filled tubes to your head.

With the Blue Tube Headset, you effectively move your cell phone away from your head, reducing your exposure to radiation. Whether using it occasionally or regularly, you can feel comfortable that direct exposure to radiation is significantly reduced. If you have concerns, it would be prudent to reduce radiation exposure.

The new and improved Blue Tube Headset features advanced acoustic technology, delivering sound wave-based and not radiation-based communications, superior communication and hassle-free use by combining the following state-of-the-art features:

  • Enhanced speaker for louder, clearer sound
  • Specially designed internal wiring system that reduces feedback and distortion
  • More ergonomic positioning – the sound chamber hangs freely in the air between your cheek and collar bone, reducing contact with your body

And now, my Blue Tube Headset sounds better than ever with dual earbuds and full stereo sound.

It’s better to be too safe than sorry when it comes to cell phone radiation. Order yours today!

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Note: The Blue Tube Headset comes with ergonomically shaped earbuds for a comfortable, secure fit. Box includes small, medium, and large ear tips for customization.

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    Customer Reviews
    • Customer Reviews


    • Don S. Verified Buyer
    • 08/09/2020
    • Blue Tube Headset

      I have purchased probably 10 of the headsets over the years. I give them to friends and family. Yes, they can break if treated too rough, but all in all for the amount of radiation reduction that they provide and the phone audio quality I haven't found better. Try em you'll like em!

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    • M R. Verified Buyer
    • 06/29/2020
    • Breaks Easily

      Bought a couple of these. The sound quality seemed fine but they break too easily. The ear piece has snapped completely off twice.

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    • Marcella C. Verified Buyer
    • 06/08/2020
    • Volume in headphones cannot be adjusted

      I was really looking forward to having these but I find I rarely use them. Anyone I talk to says my voice sounds like it is coming out of a tunnel. On my end I turn my phone volume down to the lowest setting and anyone I talk to still sounds outrageously loud as if I never touched the volume down at all.

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    • Kristin B. Verified Buyer
    • 04/15/2020
    • Disappointing

      I was really eager to receive these as I used my earbuds frequently. However, this pair will not stay in my ears at all, so they're rather useless to me.

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      • Customer Support

        Please check in the package the headset came in, we send three different sizes of earbuds. You should be able to use one of the others provided for a better fit.


    • debbie t. Verified Buyer
    • 10/31/2019
    • Does the new version have a lightning connection for iPhones?

      Bought a 3pack a year or so ago & was disappointed to find the connector was for older models of iPhones so I couldn’t use them. Does the new model have the lightning connector?

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