Chewable Multivitamin for Kids (60 per Bottle): 90-Day Supply

Chewable Multivitamin for Kids

  • 180 Tablets
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90-Day Supply

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icons - Immune Support, Brain & Cognitive Function, Whole Food Based

Children have a high need for nutrition, as their bodies and minds are constantly growing. A child’s body generates new cells and makes countless important neural connections every day.

However, our food supply has changed drastically over the past century, with conventional industrial farming methods depleting the soil and with it, the nutrient levels in the foods your child depends on for health and energy. This can leave your child vulnerable to inadequate vitamin and mineral intake, which can lead to a variety of health issues.*

That’s why choosing a high-quality multivitamin supplement is one of the best decisions you can make to support your child’s overall health. Containing only clean, premium ingredients, our Chewable Multivitamin for Kids:

  • Provides a complete nutritional balance of 28 vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains no known allergens, such as wheat gluten, soy or dairy.
  • Avoids artificial flavors, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives.
  • Contains zero grams of sugar per serving.
  • Avoids the risk of iron poisoning by leaving iron out of the formula.

Help your child build a strong, healthy body and mind to serve him well throughout his life, and order your supply of Chewable Multivitamin for Kids today.

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Chewable Multivitamin for Kids Label
  • GMO Free
    • We guarantee all of our products to be free of genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Gluten Free
    • We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.
  • Soy Free
    • We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.
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  • 01/31/2022
  • Beverly C. Verified Buyer
  • horrible taste & chalky

    These vitamins were horrible and very chalky. I can not recommend the product.

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  • 01/23/2022
  • Diane W. Verified Buyer
  • Excellent Children’s Multivitamin!

    Sugar is an anti-nutrient that blocks your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. The fact that Mercola doesn’t make a gummy anything and limits sugar in ALL his products clearly shows that he indeed cares about our health. My son is 15 and this multivitamin still covers his needs. Thanks Mercola for yet another product that I can trust!

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  • 12/07/2021
  • Rafael R. Verified Buyer
  • Buen tamaño para masticar, excelente sabor y los mejores ingredientes.

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  • 12/05/2021
  • Joshua G. Verified Buyer
  • Great product but not so great taste

    Have been looking for a good quality multivitamin for my children and have at last found one, however it is a struggle to get them to take it as they do not like the taste.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 08/09/2021
  • mattie w. Verified Buyer
  • Great multivitamin for kids!

    It is hard to find a multivitamin that is not high in sugar or lacking in adequate vitamin D. My children (ages 5-13) have been taking these vitamins for years and I have not found anything that compares.

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