Copper Bisglycinate (180 per bottle): 90-Day Supply

Copper Bisglycinate

90-Day Supply
  • 180 Tablets
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icons - Blood Flow Support, Immune Support, Brain & Cognitive Function

Copper is a major multitasker in your body, like a tiny superhero working behind the scenes to keep you healthy. It plays a leading role in supporting healthy energy levels and fighting off harmful free radicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Also known for its crucial role in balancing iron and zinc in your body, copper is essential for healthy production of collagen, hemoglobin, myelin and thyroid hormones, as well as healthy function of your mitochondria, which power every cell in your body.

Our special Copper Bisglycinate formula helps you maintain healthy copper levels with an easy-to-digest, chelated form of this multitasking mineral, to support health throughout your entire body, including your:

  • Collagen – Essential for healthy skin
  • Hemoglobin – Crucial for blood health
  • Melanin – Important for hair color and skin color
  • Myelin – Insulation for your nerves
  • Thyroid Hormone – Crucial for healthy metabolism and energy production
  • Healthy Fat Production – Essential for absorbing vitamins, making hormones and protecting your organs

Delivered in convenient, 4 mg. mini tablets, this bioavailable form of copper can help support your healthy energy levels, collagen production, and thyroid, cardiovascular and neurological function.

Ensure your body has the copper it needs for optimal health, and order Copper Bisglycinate today.

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