Bark & Whiskers™ Digestive Enzymes - Meat-Based Diet (2.6 oz.): 3 Jars

Bark & Whiskers Digestive Enzymes - Meat-Based Diet

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If you feed your pet a diet that is raw, gently cooked or canned and based primarily on prey, you’re already taking a proactive approach to making sure he gets complete and wholesome nutrition. Dogs and cats are designed to consume mostly meat with very few carbohydrates.

So, when it comes to choosing a digestive enzyme supplement, it’s important to look for one that matches your pet’s diet. Many enzyme supplements on the market are designed for dogs or cats who eat a common kibble diet. It would be a mistake to give these to your pet because they are designed for diets high in carbohydrates.

That’s why we’re pleased to bring you Bark & Whiskers Digestive Enzymes for Meat Based Diet. Specifically designed for our furry friends on a prey-based diet, it helps ease the load on your pet’s digestive system by safeguarding his delicate enzyme stores. With enzymes designed specifically to support healthy fat and protein digestion, it helps promote:

  • Comfortable digestion without gas, bad breath, vomiting or abdominal discomfort
  • Healthy energy levels
  • Regularity
  • Healthy digestion, including the ability to tolerate a variety of foods

Get your pet started on the road to good digestion health with this proactive approach to pet wellness. Order Bark & Whiskers Digestive Enzymes for Meat Based Diet today.

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