Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs (60 per Bottle): 30-Day Supply

Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs

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Our normal daily routine exposes us to a wide variety of demands, such as stress, environmental toxins, UV light, poor diet, lack of sleep – the list goes on. All of these things can take their toll on your body by creating free radicals, leading to oxidative stress that can damage cells if your supply of antioxidants is low.

Aging only compounds the issue as your supply of natural antioxidants declines with every year. This can potentially lead to even greater damage on the cellular level, including your mitochondria, proteins, cell membranes and DNA.

Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs can help you take control and support your physical as well as mental well-being by helping to rein in damaging free radicals.*

Unlike other pine bark extracts that come with unknown qualities, such as origin and authenticity, Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs is:

  • Standardized to 60% procyanidins, so you can be assured you’re receiving active OPCs.
  • Sourced from living pine trees in approved Certified Organic designated areas within the wild forests of the Finnish Lapland.
  • From trees grown at the northern tip of the tundra, near the clean arctic Barents Sea, which naturally provides them with more bioactive metabolites than some other species of pine.
  • Carefully prepared to preserve its important compounds, using only water for extraction, and containing no harsh solvents or preservatives.

Live your life to its fullest with confidence with the help of the ‘high-performance phytonutrient,’ and order Organic Pine Bark Extract with OPCs today.

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