Organic Resistant Starch Complex (9.52 oz.): 3 Bags

Organic Resistant Starch Complex

9.52 oz.
  • 90 Servings
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About this item

Nearly all the carbohydrates you eat are starches. However, some types of starch can pass through your stomach and small intestine without being fully digested. These starches are considered digestive-resistant and can be found in unripe fruit, raw potatoes and certain grains, seeds and legumes, as well as certain precooked foods.

Resistant starch is one of the best-kept secrets for gut and immune health as well as metabolic health because it doesn’t impact blood sugar and insulin like other starchy foods, thanks to its low glycemic index.

Unflavored and easy to add to your favorite smoothie recipe, yogurt or beverage, Organic Resistant Starch Complex supplies 7.5 grams of resistant starch per serving from Organic Green Banana Flour, Organic Pregelatinized Potato Starch and Organic Tigernut Flour.

Once the resistant starches in our formula reach your large intestine, they slowly ferment and feed beneficial bacteria in your gut like a prebiotic. This fermentation process creates short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that support:

  • Optimal immune function.*
  • Cellular energy production.*
  • Heart health.*
  • A healthy, normal inflammatory response.*

Plus, our formula contains 1.5 grams of Organic ResistAid® Arabinogalactan from organic larch trees from Minnesota. This patented immune-supporting polysaccharide provides triple-action support for year-round health.*

Although different, resistant starches act similar to fiber in that they add bulk to stools and promote regularity, without leaving you feeling bloated or gassy.*

Provide your gut with the nutritional support it may need for optimal health, and order Organic Resistant Starch Complex today.