Collagen Complex (90 per bottle): 30-Day Supply

Collagen Complex

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icons - Youthful Appearance, Bone & Joint Comfort, Digestive Support

Collagen is the most common protein in your body, and three types make up 80 to 90% of your total collagen. It’s what keeps your skin, hair and nails looking youthful and is the “cellular glue” that helps hold together all the connective tissue in your body, including your muscles, blood vessels, organs, digestive and immune systems.

When you’re young, you typically have plenty of collagen, but as you grow older, you begin to lose it. By age 60, your levels drop to less than half of your youthful levels, and at age 80, you have about four times less collagen in your body.

Of the three types of collagen, types I and III are found mainly in your skin, hair, bones, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and organs, while type ll makes up the majority of your joint cartilage. For a vital, youthful body, you need all three types of collagen.

Collagen Complex tablets provide 1.5 grams of all three types of collagen sourced from the finest sources:

  • Marine Collagen Peptides from the collagen-rich skin of wild-caught, deep-sea cod (Gadus morhua), harvested from the sparkling clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in Norway by sustainable fisheries that are (Marine Stewardship Council) MSC Certified.
  • Organic Beef Bone Broth Concentrate from grass-fed, U.S. cows organically raised without the addition of hormones and antibiotics in their diet.
  • UC-ll® Undenatured Type II Chicken Collagen from chickens responsibly raised with outdoor access year round and fed a 100% vegetarian and non-GMO diet.

Not only can supplemental collagen help you turn back the years in your appearance, but it can also help you move with ease and feel confident that your body’s tissues, bones and gut are receiving the support they may need.* Give your body the collagen it needs to not only look and feel you best but also function optimally, and order your supply today.*

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  • 12/19/2022
  • Christine P. Comprador verificado
  • After 6 months, did absolutely NOTHING for me :(

    I watched the video, read the reviews and awards but after following the directions exactly (empty stomach 1st thing in the morning and I even waited at least an hour to eat after taking), I have noticed absolutely no difference in my skin, nails or hair. My skin is still crazy dry and crepe-like while my hair is still thinning and much more loss than normal (yes I even tried adding hair/skin/nails to no avail). Its nice this works for others but it certainly has not for me. I have 6 more months to go (figured I'd give this a solid year) but I'm starting to feel like I've thrown away over $400 for nothing at all here unfortunately.

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  • 09/12/2022
  • Missy H. Comprador verificado
  • It really works!

    I can honestly say that this has really made my brittle and thin nails STRONG and GROWING! I have tried biotin and many other collagen products that have not worked. This one really works and I am so happy to have stronger and long nails! Thank you Dr. Mercola!

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  • 07/13/2022
  • Daniel B. Comprador verificado
  • Ingredients

    Really disappointed to see ingredients like sunflower oil and palm oil being used. I bought this supplement without checking.

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  • 06/12/2022
  • Maria W. Comprador verificado
  • Excellent!

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