Krill Oil Liquid Pump for Cats & Dogs (1.45 fl. oz.): 1 Bottle

Krill Oil Liquid Pump for Cats & Dogs

1.45 Fl. Oz.
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1 Bottle

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icons - Omega-3s, Blood Flow Support, Bone & Joint Comfort

If you feed your dog or cat a commercially processed diet, there’s a good chance she may have a fatty acid deficiency or imbalance.

The outer signs of an omega-3 deficiency in your pet are easy to spot – like itchy, dry skin or a greasy hair or coat. But these fatty acids are crucial for your pet’s immune system, too.

Commercial diets tend to be heavy in omega-6 fats because of the use of cheap cereal grain animal feeds, which can offset your pet’s delicate balance of omega-3s.

Omega-3 fatty acids are heat-sensitive, so you don’t typically find them in kibble or canned food. Even if pet food manufacturers add them, they tend to not use the right ones for your pet.

My favorite source of omega-3s for dogs and cats is marine oils. Krill Oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially the important ones for your pet – DHA and EPA.

Our Krill Oil for Cats & Dogs stands apart from other omega-3 supplements for several reasons. Compared to fish oil, krill:

  • Has a very high absorption rate, so your pet requires a smaller dose.
  • Contains more EPA – about 33% more than fish oil.
  • Delivers its abundant EPA and DHA as phospholipids directly into your pet’s cells.
  • Provides natural antioxidant protection to help guard against oxidation.
  • Is a thriving, sustainable product you can feel good about using.

In fact, the fishery that supplies the krill for our Krill Oil for Cats & Dogs was awarded an “A” rating for sustainability and management strategy – the only one among 24 fisheries to receive a top score!

Our fishery uses patent pending technology that helps avoid unwanted by-catch, and the krill are kept alive until processing to maintain freshness and nutrients. You can even trace Krill Oil for Cats & Dogs back to its sustainable place of harvest using the coordinates on each bottle.

There are no messy, oily capsules to cut open with our Krill Oil for Cats & Dogs. Packed in an airless pump, this advanced delivery system locks freshness in and keeps air and contaminants out. The oil stays fresh until you’ve used the last drop.

Plus, our formula is now more concentrated, so you get a higher concentration of Krill Oil per pump, allowing you to use less.

Support your pet's overall health with our Krill Oil for Cats & Dogs and order today.

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  • GMO Free
    • We guarantee all of our products to be free of genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Gluten Free
    • We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.
  • Soy Free
    • We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.
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  • 02/12/2023
  • Jane K. Verified Buyer

    This is the best omega 3 product yet so easy to use, no messy measurements or waste, dog and cats love it, and it is providing them with essential fatty acids. I will be re-ordering!

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  • 10/29/2022
  • Lin S. Verified Buyer
  • Amazing for my dog's shedding

    My dog was shedding worse than any dog I've had and I've had them a lot of years! She had her Vet check and all checked okay but I needed to do something before I started looking like her 😁 I started her on Mercola's Krill Oil and the shedding started to be a LOT LESS!! She still sheds but nothing like she did. I can't stand the smell on my hands after I pump it on my dog's food but it easily washes off 😁🐶🦴💖👍

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 09/29/2022
  • Hi N. Verified Buyer
  • New Pumps are BAD!

    Love this product - New pumps are terrible! I have ruined numerous kitchen towels, 2 shirts and my backsplash with these new pumps. The product plashes everywhere. I still buy it because I like the product - but please, change the pumps back to the old pumps!

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 09/05/2022
  • Shachar M. Verified Buyer
  • Was this review helpful?
  • 08/24/2022
  • P W. Verified Buyer
  • Not enough servings

    We got apprx 152 pumps (servings) out of an expected and advertised 186. That is about 20% less than it should be with all the pricing games included. Lots of good things about the company and products but we will not overlook issues related to value for money and therefore give 1 star.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 07/25/2022
  • Robin G. Verified Buyer
  • Love this stuff!

    I was a bit nervous about adding this to my cats' diets, since a lot of reviewers said their cats disliked it. But all three of mine eat it just fine, I mix one pump into a serving of wet canned cat food twice a day. Even my picky eater has no issues with it. I'm hoping it will help with my older cat's dry coat and with my one kitten's slight neurological tics. Will update my review in a few months.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 12/17/2021
  • Carolyn P. Verified Buyer
  • Dogs Love, Cats Hate

    I bought this for our 3 kitties due to dry, wintry air causing severe dander to flare up. I should have known they would not like it, because they will not eat cat food with any variety of shellfish. They were all eagerly eating their favorite food when I stopped them long enough to pump one krill oil spray (each dish). After cautiously sniffing their food, they all 3 backed off immediately. I mean, literally, they all took several steps backwards. That was several+ hours ago and they have yet to eat any more food. Apparently I ruined all 3 food bowls of food. However, I put a pump on our dog's food and she inhaled her meal as usual.

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  • 11/29/2021
  • Pattie T. Verified Buyer
  • Great Product!

    I have been giving this to my cats for years. Recently, one of them licked the fur along his spine so much it made a bald stripe! I doubled up on the krill oil and he quit licking and his fur has grown back.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 04/10/2021
  • Judith P. Verified Buyer
  • Love it!

    My dogs takes this product well in her food. I like giving her Krill for good health. I have been using this for years and have never had a leaking problem but I store the opened container in the fridge where it can’t/doesn’t fall over.

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  • 03/14/2021
  • Cathy C. Verified Buyer
  • Great product

    I noticed my cat & dog's skin is less dry now/less itching/pads and nose are never cracked/dry. The pump leaks quite a bit when oil is dispensed holding bottle upright so I now dispense oil holding bottle upside down and I have no more leakage.

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  • 03/04/2021
  • Sue W. Verified Buyer
  • Container no Problem

    The container is narrow but I haven't had any problems and I am ordering my 3rd container. I've had no problem with leakage.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 09/04/2020
  • Victoria G. Verified Buyer
  • Good product, but...

    This is a wonderful product. My cat stopped excessive scratching soon after I started giving it to him. I am not happy, however, with the container. It leaks and topples very easily.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 08/28/2020
  • Dawn L. Verified Buyer
  • Works great, horrible pump

    My cat no longer chews hot spots on himself. The pump device is awful and needs to be redone. One of the bottles tipped over (didn't fall) and it broke so the rest was wasted. Once you use the first pump of the krill oil the bottle continuously leaks out around the top and the other parts of the pump. I thought maybe it was a defect of the first bottle but the second one is the same. It's a bummer that a great product has such a garbage container. A lot is lost by it leaking out.

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