H2-2-Go™ (60 per Bag): 3 Bags


  • 180 Tablets
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About this item

You can’t escape oxidative stress, as it’s something that happens naturally in your cells. However, once you pile on the stressors of everyday living, such as pollution and processed foods, you can end up with high levels of oxidative stress that can damage your cells and speed up cellular aging.

Fortunately, hydrogen has been shown to target this excess oxidation because of its small particle size and ability to easily penetrate every tissue in your body, benefitting every organ and supporting a healthy inflammatory response.*

While there are different ways to get hydrogen gas into your body, drinking molecular hydrogen-rich water is very effective and the easiest, most convenient approach.

After many years of research, we’ve found a pioneer who has helped developed our H2 Molecular Hydrogen, a convenient tablet that creates high-concentration molecular hydrogen gas using a special validated process.

Compared to others on the market, our exclusive tablets:

  • Create up to 8ppm of molecular hydrogen gas in minutes.
  • Don’t require a cap or lid.
  • Contain highly bioavailable magnesium as its carrier for a healthy brain, muscles, cells, kidneys and heart.*

For your convenience, our formula is available in 30- and 90-day supplies, as well as convenient travel packets. Each bag of our H2-2-Go™ contains 60 individually wrapped H2 Molecular Hydrogen tablets, offering 180 tablets total.

Help live the youthful, healthy life you desire, and order your supply of H2-2-Go™ today.

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