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H2 Molecular Hydrogen

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You can’t escape oxidative stress. It’s something that happens naturally in your cells. And when you pile on the stressors of everyday living, such as pollution and processed foods, you can end up with high levels of oxidative stress that can damage your cells and speed up cellular aging.

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe and can easily penetrate every tissue in your body, including your brain and cellular parts like your mitochondria and nucleus.

It may also benefit every organ in your body by targeting excess oxidation and supporting a healthy inflammatory response.*

The two important functions of molecular hydrogen, or H2 gas – bioavailability and small particle size – help to powerfully limit the oxidative damage that can lead to accelerated cellular aging and changes in your cells and organs.

While there are different ways to get hydrogen gas into your body, drinking molecular hydrogen-rich water is very effective and the easiest, most convenient approach.

Most hydrogen tablets and devices create low concentrations of H2 of only 1-2 ppm, and the tablets must be used in a closed container or they won’t work properly.

After many years of research, we’ve found a pioneer who has developed a convenient tablet that creates high-concentration molecular hydrogen gas using a special clinically validated process.

Our H2 Molecular Hydrogen tablets create far higher concentrations of up to 8 ppm in 480 mL of water. And it does it in an open container without the need for a cap or lid.

Simply drop one of our H2 Molecular Hydrogen tablets into a 16 oz. glass of room-temperature, filtered water. It takes only 90 seconds to create molecular hydrogen water at a truly biologically meaningful concentration. We recommend drinking the entire glass of water within one minute.

The total process couldn’t be simpler... In less than three minutes, you’ve “pulsed” your body with a substantial dose of molecular hydrogen gas, and for the next day or even week, you get to enjoy its many benefits.

Our H2 Molecular Hydrogen uses a special grade of pure elemental magnesium as its carrier and provides you with approximately 80 mg of magnesium per tablet. So, you receive not only valuable H2 with our product but also highly bioavailable magnesium for a healthy brain, muscles, cells, kidneys and heart.*

Order H2 Molecular Hydrogen today to Take Control of Your Health™.

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Customer Reviews
  • Customer Reviews


  • Nicole B. Verified Buyer
  • 11/15/2021
  • Mental Clarity ++

    I have been taking the H2, as directed, and I can't believe the mental clarity that I have been experiencing. My recall and focus are noticeably improved!! I am so excited to continue using this product!! Thank you!!

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  • Miguel O. Verified Buyer
  • 10/05/2021
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  • Valerie H. Verified Buyer
  • 08/20/2021
  • Dosage for day

    I am seeing some good results from taking 1 tablet per day. Wondering if it safe to increase to 2 tablets per day for even greater benefits?

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  • Paula L. Verified Buyer
  • 07/17/2021
  • Immediate results

    So impressed with shipping of this product to Canada I can so fast. Also I had my first tablet today and I noticed a decrease in my chronic foot swelling tenderness problem as well as more energy. Excited to see more improvement!

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  • ann j. Verified Buyer
  • 01/11/2021
  • Best supplements

    I have been taking this product for almost a year. Every time I do an intense workout and have this; I feel an immediate boost in energy in about 30 mins. Or if I feel a bit under the weather etc etc. I have a question about this though:- does this react with mercury in teeth fillings?

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  • Kimm B. Verified Buyer
  • 12/04/2020
  • Great energy boost but I have a temperature question

    Love this product as it offers a great boost of energy for a few hours.

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  • Emily H. Verified Buyer
  • 09/03/2020

    I just bought 2 bottles and realized that the tablets are coated with dextrose!! Come on Dr Mercola, with all your podcasts on GMO, corn and sugar, you can do better than this!!

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    • Customer Support

      Dextrose used in Mercola products is not sourced from corn and is primarily sourced from the hydrolysis of Tapioca. It is used in place of sugar alcohols, such as erythritol.


  • Kimberly F. Verified Buyer
  • 08/22/2020
  • Favorite supplement ever

    Was this the missing link for me between felling ok and feeling amazing? Yes! Maybe I am a super responder to this supplement, but I have to say this is a great price for the product and results. As soon as I take it, I feel super energized. We do live in a very air polluted area and I find drinking this helps reduce the negative impact the dirty air has on my body. Thank you so much for this product. I highly recommend it.

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  • Daniel L. Verified Buyer
  • 06/06/2020
  • So far so good!

    So far so good, I feel like I'm already getting some benefits and I've only taken it for two days so far; but I do have a question about the timing. When I drop the tablet into the water, I usually wait 20-30 seconds into the dissolving to start drinking the water because I don't want to risk letting all of the hydrogen escape into the air; so am I supposed to wait until the tablet COMPLETELY dissolves before I start drinking the water, or is it OK if I start as the tablet is still dissolving?

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    • Customer Support

      We recommend waiting for the tablet to dissolve. It usually takes about 90 seconds.


  • Karin K. Verified Buyer
  • 05/22/2020
  • I love this supplement!

    I take this supplement in the morning as a pick me up when i am dragging. It gives me energy. It also helps disperse muscle soreness after I work out.

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  • Rubens O. Verified Buyer
  • 05/14/2020
  • Just started

    Started this morning. Not difficult to dissolve and drink that 480 mL. Small metallic taste but overall good. Wondering if could take 1 in the morning and 1 before bed to speed up the result. Thanks.

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  • barbara a. Verified Buyer
  • 05/07/2020
  • Just started

    I just started doing this in the morning. I did feel a good surge of energy. However, I generally do not like room temperature water.....my filtered water comes out of my refrigerator. Is there a good reason why it can't be cold water?

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  • Nancy B. Verified Buyer
  • 04/29/2020
  • Mg sensitivity

    I have always been sensitive to Mg and I am routinely low. When they tried to give me Mg by IV in the hospital, I had to demand to be taken off. It burned through my body like Holy Water on a vampire. When I drink the H2 water in 16oz, it makes me very nauseous. Is there anything I can do to off-set this. Love Dr Mercola's products and loved meeting him at the Truth About Cancer conference.

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  • Marla M. Verified Buyer
  • 04/24/2020
  • Dextrose?

    I've just started taking this and intend to continue, but only just noticed that it contains dextrose. I lean keto, and try to avoid sugar. I wonder if the dextrose is necessary to the chemical reaction, or whether it is just there to improve taste? Is there a sugar-free version?

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    • Customer Support

      Dextrose is added as a binder for the tablet and not used to sweeten the product.


  • Janis J. Verified Buyer
  • 03/31/2020
  • Works for Me

    I had never heard of this and I've been using supplements for over 23 years. So, I thought that I'd give these a try. I use it first thing in the morning and I get a nice boost of energy. An added bonus is that it helps to clear me out, if you know what I'm getting at. I thought that drinking 16 oz would be a problem, but it hasn't been. I highly recommend this product.

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