Tick Stick: Tick Removal Tool: 1 Unit

Tick Stick: Tick Removal Tool

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Once thought to be found only in certain areas of the country, ticks are now widespread throughout the U.S. They can easily latch on and feed on your pet’s blood, and have the potential to transmit serious diseases, like Lyme disease.

Some ticks are so tiny, they can be difficult to see – and remove. They attach and embed themselves to their host in areas where the skin is thin, inserting their rostrums – tube-like structures covered with backward-pointing spikes – and secreting saliva to help them anchor tightly to your dog or cat.

Because of the unique way ticks attach themselves, it is critically important to remove them properly. Removing a tick by squeezing and pulling it out can cause the tick to secrete more saliva and leave behind embedded pieces of the rostrum in your pet’s body. The Tick Stick allows you to remove them quickly and effectively.

The Tick Stick is an ideal tool for removing ticks, as it:

  • Allows you to hold the tick without compressing it and remove it by using a twisting rather than a pulling motion that can ‘lock’ the tick in place.
  • Works with the tick’s rostrum structure instead of against it. As you twist the Tick Stick, the tick’s spikes bend into the axis of rotation, making the tick easier to remove.
  • Is reusable and convenient to use whenever needed.

As careful a plan you devise to protect your pet against ticks, it’s difficult to avoid them completely. Plan ahead, and order several so you’re never without a Tick Stick.

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    • 10/11/2022
    • Kimberly P. Verified Buyer
    • Worked great....

      Unfortunately my pup had an engorged tick on him yesterday. It was my first time using this tool, and it worked like a charm. I'm thankful I purchased it, and I'm back to buy one for my daughter, and a couple sets to keep in our vehicles.

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