Organic Fermented Turmeric (60 per Bottle): 30-Day Supply

Organic Fermented Turmeric

  • 60 Capsules
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30-Day Supply

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90-Day Supply

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About this item

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years for both culinary and health purposes by people in India and China, and it continues to play an important role in the Ayurvedic system of natural health.

An outstanding source of antioxidants, turmeric is also considered an adaptogen – or botanical that supports the body’s ability to adapt to stress from any source. Adaptogens are valued for their contribution to energy, stamina, endurance, strength and mental clarity.

Our exclusive USDA Certified Organic Fermented Turmeric formula combines two types of organic turmeric – Organic Turmeric Rhizome Extract, standardized to at least 95% curcuminoids for optimal antioxidant activity, and Organic Fermented Turmeric Rhizome Powder for enhanced bioavailability and antioxidant concentration.*

This unique combination offers many potential benefits that support:

  • Eye and vision health.*
  • Normal, healthy immune and inflammatory responses.*
  • Healthy skin and joints.*
  • Your cells’ mitochondria and genetic material.*
  • Digestive health, especially the digestion of fats.*
  • Mood and mental focus.*
  • Brain and heart health.*
  • Colon and gut health.*
  • Prostate and breast health.*

Delivered in an organic capsule without any unnecessary fillers or additives, order your supply of USDA Certified Organic Fermented Turmeric today.