Calcium & Magnesium L-Threonate: 90 Day Supply

Calcium & Magnesium L-Threonate

Calcium & Magnesium L-Threonate


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Calcium with Vitamins D3 & K2

Many people today do not get enough of the nutrients needed for supporting their bone health. You need to build strong, dense bones now to get you through a lifetime of active, independent living.

Building strong, healthy bones requires regular weight-bearing exercise and the right balance of nutrients, especially calcium, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3.

Taking calcium alone or in the wrong proportions with other minerals can potentially increase your risk of cardiovascular concerns.

Calcium with Vitamins D3 & K2 provides the perfect balance of bone health-supporting nutrients*:

  • Whole food Calcium Carbonate from Organic Eggshell is a 100% natural and sustainable source of high-elemental calcium with its own essential trace minerals and naturally occurring transport proteins for maximum absorption and bioavailability.*
  • Vitamin K2 from fermented chickpeas in its patented and clinically supported form MenaQ7® helps maintain or increase bone density and strength, support optimum calcium absorption and utilization, and support cardiovascular health and normal blood flow.*
  • Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol (5,000 IU) supports the actions of calcium and vitamin K2 to help strengthen bones and increase bone-density levels.*

It’s never too late to get started taking control of your bone strength and density.* Go for the advanced formula that contains research-proven ingredients in the ideal balance for bone and cardiovascular health.*

Order today, and see what Calcium with Vitamins D3 & K2 can do for you.

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Magnesium L-Threonate

As you grow older, your body becomes less efficient in absorbing important vitamins and minerals. So, despite a healthy diet rich in fresh organic vegetables, you may still come up short in certain nutrients. One such mineral is magnesium. Experts believe that as many as 80% of Americans don’t get enough. Because there are no reliable lab tests for magnesium, you have no way of knowing where you stand. Fatigue and weakness may be your only clues that you’re low!

Magnesium is essential for building both your bones, DNA and genetic materials. It also supports the body’s normal detoxification process.*

Delivering 2,000 mg of patented Magtein™ magnesium L-threonate, our Magnesium L-Threonate is the preferred form over other types of magnesium for several reasons, including...

  • Having superior absorption characteristics of any form of magnesium.
  • Having high-cellular penetration characteristics, allowing it to cross your blood-brain barrier and penetrate cell membranes.*
  • Significantly reducing GI discomfort , unlike other forms of magnesium that can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and loose stools, magnesium L-threonate does not act as a laxative.*

Plus, Magnesium L-Threonate does not contain any genetically engineered (GE) ingredients nor does it contain magnesium stearate, a form of magnesium that I don’t recommend.

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    Customer Reviews
    • Customer Reviews


    • Leonor M. Verified Buyer
    • 08/13/2020
    • Love These Products!

      I really like both of these products as I've noticed positive health changes as a result.

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    • ADITI A. Verified Buyer
    • 06/04/2020
    • Maltodextrin

      Why does the calcium supplement have maltodextrin and modified starch ? I am sure those should have been avoided since Dr. Mercola has himself in articles mentioned the dangers of maltodextrin and modified starch.

    • Was This Review helpful? 20    5
      • Customer Support

        Both are used as a binder. Starch, from both tapioca and peas, is a natural polysaccharide produced by most green plants as an energy storage. It is used in place of starch derived from the GMO prone corn or potato. The maltodextrin we use is only sourced from cassava, tapioca, or rice. It is used in place of magnesium stearate. Magnesium stearate is not a source of magnesium and has no health benefits. The synthetic filler stimulates the gut to form a biofilm, which may prevent proper absorption of nutrients.