Complete Gut Restore Pack (100 B CFU Complete Probiotics): 90-Day Supply

Complete Gut Restore Pack

100 B CFU
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A healthy microbiome – or your collection of gut bacteria – contains two different types of bacteria or probiotics: Reconditioning and reseeding bacteria. Like a garden, your gut needs special care to nourish and condition the “soil” to prepare it for the “seeding” and growth of beneficial bacteria!

Transient organisms from the natural environment – or “soil organisms” are the reconditioning probiotics that nourish and repair your gut, and ready it for probiotics. These conditioning probiotics are introduced into your microbiome in the form of bacterial spores.

The bacteria you’re born with and what you get from fermented vegetables and regular probiotic supplements are the reconditioning probiotics. These include the commonly used species Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Complete Spore Restore contains four soil-based spores and a prebiotic organic blend of three highly valued mushroom mycelium to help protect and recondition your gut flora, improve your gut integrity, and prepare it for reseeding with Complete Probiotics.*

Complete Probiotics features 10 strains of beneficial bacteria, including the acid- and bile-resistant strain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, proven in studies to colonize well in the human gut.*

Each power-packed dose of Complete Probiotics contains 100 billion "gut-friendly" bacteria to support gastrointestinal and digestive health.* This unique formulation was recently named the Better Nutrition Magazine’s Award Winner - Best of Supplements 2016!

Formulated to work together, I believe many people will benefit from taking both Complete Spore Restore and Complete Probiotics, especially if you have a compromised gut or if any of these situations apply to you:

  • You’ve taken antibiotics any time during the last two years
  • You’ve had surgery or a hospital stay within the last two years
  • You’ve travelled to another country in recent months (your microbiome can change in as little as 24 hours!)

My Complete Gut Restore Pack contains a 30-day supply of both Complete Spore Restore and Complete Probiotics 100 Billion CFU.

Don’t go halfway in supporting your gut health. Order complete support today!

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