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Lignans with Lycopene

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  • Oct. 2023

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An estimated 6,000 American women enter menopause every day, and 75 to 85 percent of them experience troubling symptoms like hot flashes, sleep difficulties, mood swings, unwanted weight gain, diminishing sex drive and vaginal dryness.

Fortunately, our Lignans with Lycopene has been clinically proven and third-party tested to help women:

  • Experience fewer and less severe hot flashes. In one study, hot flashes were reduced by up to 55 percent and severity by up to 79 percent among study participants after just four weeks.*
  • Gain relief from other unsettling symptoms such as night or day sweats, upset emotions, mood swings, poor sleep and more through its balancing effects on your hormone levels.*
  • Feel more energetic by improving your body’s ability to metabolize “good” estrogen metabolites and reduce the production of less healthy metabolites.*
  • Provide extra protection to their breasts and other estrogen-related organs as it helps reduce oxidative stress and fights free radical damage to cells and tissues.*
  • Enjoy the potential health and cognitive benefits from a balanced level of estrogen as its phytoestrogen content can act as estrogen when levels are low and purge excess estrogen when levels are too high.*

When tested, study subjects reported feeling benefits in as little as three days!*

Lignans with Lycopene is especially designed for women who are in the stages of perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause for symptom relief, hormonal balance and support for their breast and other estrogen-related organs.*

The unique combination of three ingredients in this patent-pending formula appear to be responsible for its powerful potential benefits: HMRlignan™, lycopene and DIM, or 3, 3’-Di-Indoylmethane.*

Help banish your perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, and order Lignans with Lycopene today!

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  • GMO Free
    • We guarantee all of our products to be free of genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Gluten Free
    • We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.
  • Soy Free
    • We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.
Customer Reviews
  • Customer Reviews


  • stephanie p. Verified Buyer
  • 05/28/2021
  • Lignans

    I’ve only been taking this for a few days. I honestly, could not understand why I was feeling more calm, sleeping amazing, and this at a stressful time in my personal life!! I have to tell my friends, because we all have been experiencing the post menopausal, yukky stuff. I’m thankful. My health and cognitive well being is better now than when I was in my thirties. I am 69.

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  • Janine B. Verified Buyer
  • 04/05/2021
  • A total bust

    I use bioidentical hormones and I tried to stop them and use these instead. For the first week I had no hot flashes and I was thrilled. After the first week though the hot flashes came back with a vengeance. I re-started my bioidentical hormones AND took the lignans and lycopene and the hot flashes persist. I guess I need to build my hormone levels back up. So disappointed I was hoping to stop hormone supplementation but it is not possible.

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  • Cynthia K. Verified Buyer
  • 08/06/2020
  • Works!!!

    This completely eliminated my night sweats and daytime hot flashes. Took about 3 weeks so be patient. HOWEVER! It is now out of stock and I don't want to have those symptoms again!!! Please get this back in stock!!!!!

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  • Krista T. Verified Buyer
  • 08/02/2020
  • Amazing!

    These are amazing! Really does eliminate hot flashes. I'm so glad I discovered them but...when will they be back in stock?!

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  • Kathy B. Verified Buyer
  • 07/06/2020
  • Lignans with Lycopene

    This supplement really helps reduce my hot flashes to a minimum....usually only one or two a day! I am extremely happy that I found this supplement!

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  • Brenda B. Verified Buyer
  • 07/05/2020
  • Lignans W/Lycopene

    Awesome capsule, my husband calls this my happy pill!! I've been taking them for over a year

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  • Virginia M. Verified Buyer
  • 03/05/2020
  • Highly Recommend

    These capsules really make a difference in balancing my hormones while going through menopause. I don't get hot flashes as often as I use to. They return once I stop using them

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