Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches (24 Pouches per Bag): 1 Bag

Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches

  • 24 Pouches
Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches
  • $7.97
  • $9.99 (Save 20%)
  • Mar. 2022

1 Bag

$7.97 Save 20%

3 Bags

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  • Description

We all want clean, fresh, and fragrant clothes, but many laundry detergents contain toxic chemicals that could negatively affect your health and cause indoor air pollution.

Enter my Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches, which are:

  • Free of harsh chemicals, Greener Cleaner® contains NO phosphates, SLS, NPE, or fragrances
  • Made entirely from premium plant and mineral ingredients

And the best part… it cleans just as well, if not BETTER than other laundry detergents with:

  • A highly concentrated, no water added formula, for optimal effectiveness
  • Three-in-one cleaning ability: cleans clothes, removes stains, and BRIGHTENS! So, you no longer need many products – only my detergent!
  • NO dyes, eliminating allergy problems
  • Biodegradable ingredients that are better for the earth, and safe for aquatic life and waterways

Also, with the convenient pouch delivery system, doing laundry is quick and easy! Just pop the pre-measured pouches in the machine with laundry and turn it on! Since you no longer have to self-measure and guess how much to use, you save time and money.

Try my Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches today! It's undoubtedly the non-toxic, wonder-working detergent you've been wanting!

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    Customer Reviews
    • Customer Reviews


    • Kelli G. Verified Buyer
    • 07/19/2021
    • Love This Product!

      I have chemical sensitivities to fragrances so decided to try the laundry soap since I have ordered other products of Dr. Mercola's and have been happy with them. I am so glad I did because not only is it fragrance free but it is an amazing cleaner!

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    • Karen R. Verified Buyer
    • 05/31/2021
    • Bueno para la salud

      Es perfecto, no quimicos agregados. Bueno para la salud. Llevo años usandolo.

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    • Jyl S. Verified Buyer
    • 01/27/2021
    • Great cleaner

      I like that it doesn’t leave residue on my clothing or machine. It is unscented which I also like. Would work if you have an aversion to fragrance.

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