Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) DVD Set: 2 Discs

Neurostructural Integration Technique

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This two-DVD set with bonus e-book teaches you all about a technique I was first introduced to back in 2000--Neurostructural Integration Technique® – or NST for short.

This DVD provides straightforward and easy-to-learn NST instruction for health and non-health practitioners alike. If you're willing to invest a few short hours of your time to watch this two-DVD set, you too can discover the wonders of this basic technique.

As Michael Nixon-Livy explains on this DVD set, NST is useful for an extremely wide array of conditions and is safe and effective for all ages, including infants and the elderly.

There are no contraindications for NST (with the exception of one procedure not recommended for use with pregnant women).

And, according to the DVD, there's no danger in trying NST for a particular condition. Similar to classic homeopathy principles, if it doesn't produce results – or is not “the right treatment” for a particular condition – there are no ill effects.

NST's underlying philosophy is that resolving imbalances in your spinal column allows for entire body auto-regulation to a transcendent level of relaxation, well being, and rejuvenation.

As Michael Nixon-Livy explains, NST allows muscular tension to come into balance throughout your body and allows your body to communicate with itself, balancing tissues, muscles and organs.

Balanced muscular tension throughout your body is the ultimate goal of NST and the key to opening the channels to wellness and healing.

So, what can you expect following an NST session?

According to the two-disc set and e-book, in addition to a feeling of deep relaxation, many individuals experience a rapid reduction of symptoms (usually within one to four days), an increase in energy and a strong sense of well-being.

Finally there's a way to learn NST in the privacy of your own home or office.

With Michael Nixon-Livy's Neurostructural Integration Technique® 2-DVD set, you now have the complete basic tools of NST at your fingertips.

And as a bonus gift, when you order the 2-DVD set, you receive Michael Nixon-Livy's 65-page downloaded book, Neurostructural Integration Technique:

A Better Way
to Good Health!

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