Living Matrix DVD

Living Matrix DVD

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About this item

The Living Matrix is a provocative, full-length feature documentary on healing and human health.

Modern biochemical medicine – aka, conventional medicine – has no framework for explaining the sometimes mysterious healing that The Living Matrix explores. Allopathic medicine simply dismisses these as spontaneous remissions, or some kind of placebo effect.

This film draws on academic and independent researchers, practitioners and science journalists who present the scientific evidence for bioenergetics as an important factor in human physiology and biology.

The film explains:

  • How you can promote immunity through your mind
  • How your belief system affects healing and lifestyle
  • The placebo effect on your biology – when does it work and why?
  • The gigantic affect of emotions on your physiology – You’ll be amazed how many physiological changes occur from one single emotional shift!
  • How biophotons can control your metabolism
  • The role of epigenetics on your health

Stunning 3D animation takes you on a journey deep into your human structure, to show you how quantum biology influences your health.

The Living Matrix gives you an inspiring, yet accessible, look at the new paradigm of health and healing.