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Dark Deception by Dr. Mercola

Dark Deception by Dr. Mercola

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Dark Deception by Dr. Mercola
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In his most recent book, Dr. Mercola answers the question: "Why has everyone been duped into believing sunlight is something to fear and avoid?"

The answer shouldn't come as any surprise...

Those who stand to benefit the most financially -- the media, big business, and the mainstream medical community -- want you to believe "the myth of the deadly sun", simply because it puts more money in their pockets.

In Dark Deception, Dr. Mercola illuminates why at least 70% of all Americans are innocent victims of the lies -- and what's been called the 'silent epidemic' of vitamin D deficiency.

You'll find each and every page of Dark Deception packed full of thoroughly researched facts and honest information about the true therapeutic benefits of sunlight and vitamin D, such as:

  • How sunlight may actually decrease your risk of cancer...
  • Why just a little sunshine is the simplest, easiest, and most natural way to get all the vitamin D you need...
  • Why vitamin D deficiency can contribute to health problems like osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease...
  • The dangerous truth about sunscreen -- and why you should never let it come near your skin...
  • Simple dietary changes that provide you with more vitamin D...
  • Why drinking vitamin D fortified milk isn't the best way to get your supply of vitamin D...

Don't remain in the dark any longer when it comes to your health -- light up your world. Order your own copy of Dark Deception today!

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