Sito™ Women’s Thong Panties, In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton 3-Pack

Sito Women’s Thong Panties, In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton 3-Pack

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Our In-Conversion Biodynamic® Cotton Women’s Underwear feature 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 5% Lycra® to ensure optimal performance and comfort. Flexible, soft and breathable, they come in four style options – boyshort, bikini, thongs and hipster, each available in a three-pack.

What is In-Conversion Biodynamic® Cotton?

Conventional cotton is a resource-intensive crop that uses enormous amounts of water and more toxic pesticides than any other crop. The chemicals used in the production of non-organic cotton pose potential health hazards to you, farmers, clothing factory workers and the environment.

“In-conversion” is the three-year period during which a farmer moves from conventional into Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farming. The cotton produced during this transitional period is called “In-Conversion Biodynamic cotton.”

The first-ever In-Conversion Biodynamic® Cotton Apparel by Sito™ is made with integrity by farmers in India (50% of which are women) transitioning to regenerative farming principles and practices. The cotton is tested to be free of harmful heavy metals and chemicals, including glyphosate and pesticides. And the reason it’s still listed as ‘organic’ is because the practice of biodynamic qualifies it as such.

With in-conversion biodynamic cotton, you can trust that our pieces are:

  • Certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), which supports regenerative agriculture and Fair Trade practices. The clothing is crafted from a specially selected breed of cotton seed known for is superior extra-long staple length for softness, comfort and less piling.
  • Dyed using non-toxic, sustainable, low- impact and fiber-reactive plant dyes through an Earth-friendly process that avoids the use of toxic formaldehyde.
  • Made locally in Southern Tamil Nadu, India. These single-origin textiles are cut and sewn into beautiful textiles that are as strong as they are soft to add to your healthy wardrobe.
  • Washed in a GOTS-certified enzyme echo-wash to pre-shrink the finished product and give it a luxuriously soft feel.

We want to make biodynamic cotton apparel an everyday affair while continuing to support farmers who are doing what’s right for the environment. That’s why we provide you with versatile options in high-quality clothing, because what touches your skin matters.

Discover more about Sito™ In-Conversion Biodynamic Clothing

  • GOTS
    • The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stands as the leading, global standard for processing organic fibers in textiles. It ensures credible assurance of environmentally and socially responsible harvesting and manufacturing practices, minimizing the use of chemicals.
  • Demeter In Transition
    • In-Conversion Biodynamic describes a product that’s produced during a three-year transition period when a farmer adopts Demeter Certified Biodynamic® practices. It signifies the shift from conventional to biodynamic farming, emphasizing regenerative and soil-focused methods to meet rigorous agricultural standards.