Sito® Bath Towel, In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton

Sito® Bath Towel, In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton

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About this item

What touches your skin matters, which is why we created the first-ever In-Conversion Biodynamic® Cotton Bath Linens, a curated collection by Sito®, featuring the softest, purest cotton yet.

Feel the inherent softness the moment you step onto one of our warm, absorbent bath mats while wrapping yourself in a towel that’s made with integrity. These non-toxic pieces are made to last, featuring a double-yarn pile with a low twist for ultimate tensile strength and an ultra-absorbent surface that won’t pill through washes.

What is In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton?

In an effort to bring you pure, uncompromised cotton that restores life to our degraded soils and creates positive impact in the lives of farmers, animals and you, we’ve spent years preparing and helping farms in India – 255 to be exact – transition to biodynamic cotton.

“In-conversion” is the three-year period during which a farmer moves from conventional, pesticide-heavy practices into Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farming. The cotton produced during this transitional period is called “in-conversion biodynamic cotton”.

With in-conversion biodynamic cotton, you can trust that our pieces are:

  • Certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), which supports regenerative agriculture and Fair Trade practices.
  • Tested to be free of harmful heavy metals and chemicals, including glyphosate and pesticides.
  • Dyed using non-toxic, sustainable, low- impact and fiber-reactive plant dyes through an Earth-friendly process that avoids the use of toxic formaldehyde.
  • Made locally in Southern Tamil Nadu, India. These single-origin textiles are cut and sewn into luxurious pieces made to last.