Respiratory Support (60 per Bottle): 30-Day Supply

Respiratory Support

  • 60 Capsules
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Acerca de este producto

Your lungs can only function as well as the health of your airway passages, so it’s important to prepare your entire respiratory system before you encounter everyday seasonal challenges.

With its time-proven blend of four ancient botanicals – Organic Horehound, Organic Marshmallow, Elecampane and Organic Ivy Leaf Extracts – Respiratory Support provides you with the antioxidant and respiratory support you need when you encounter seasonal challenges.*

This unique formula can help:

  • Soothe airways and help protect against irritants.*
  • Support healthy, normal mucus production.*
  • Support a healthy gut flora and soothe digestive issues with its carminative (gas-relieving) properties.*
  • Support an already normal inflammatory response.*
  • Promote relaxed and open lung and bronchial airways so you can breathe easy.*
  • Nourish and strengthen your entire respiratory system.*

Respiratory Support is gently processed and sustainably produced with standardized active constituents.

Breathe easy, and promote the health of your lungs and bronchial passageways by ordering Respiratory Support today.

Important Note:

  • If you are allergic to ragweed or other plants in the Asteraceae family–including chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, feverfew, chamomile, and echinacea–do not take Respiratory Support. Elecampane can interact with blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and may cause drowsiness, so avoid taking Respiratory Support with sedatives or anesthesia. Consult with your health care provider before taking this supplement.