Sweet Remedy DVD

Sweet Remedy DVD

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Sweet Remedy documents the quest of Cori Brackett (diagnosed with M.S. in 2002) to find answers to this question: why is there such an escalation in neurological disorders in the U.S. today?

This powerful documentary takes a realistic look at current health and health-related political issues, and uncovers the truth about the numerous toxins in our U.S. food supply.

In Sweet Remedy, you'll hear numerous top medical professionals discuss:

  • The true DANGERS of food toxins (they may silently cause internal damage with no obvious side effects) ...

  • Why children are so much more vulnerable to damage from aspartame, MSG and other excitotoxins ...

  • The TRUTH behind a government regulatory agency that actually encourages the addition of toxins to your food supplies ...

Journey with Cori as she also talks with others stricken with M.S. You'll discover how their health dramatically improved by eliminating toxins from their diets.