Solspring® Real Salt® Ancient Coarse Sea Salt (17.6 oz.): 1 Bag

Solspring® Real Salt® Ancient Coarse Sea Salt

17.60 oz.
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However you shake it, all salt comes from the same original source – the sea.

Unfortunately, even though many people feel unrefined sea salt is a healthy choice, this is no longer entirely the case. Harmful toxic poisons, like mercury, PCBs, dioxin and microplastic particles have contributed to the contamination of our ocean waters. And reports of oil spills and nuclear fallout pollution in the sea are becoming more frequent.

The best unrefined salt comes from ancient under-ground salt deposits left behind by oceans that dried up years ago – sometimes, billions of years ago.

Sustainably sourced from a pristine, underground salt deposit in the state of Utah, Solspring® Real Salt® Ancient Sea Salt is the only ancient sea salt harvested in the U.S. from a single traceable source.

Protected under layers of volcanic ash and bentonite clay long before the earth experienced modern-day pollution, this pink salt is unrefined and offers more than 60 natural trace minerals, including potassium.

Delivered to you precisely the way nature intended – without additives or fillers – Ancient Sea Salt has a pure, subtly sweet flavor that’s perfect for everyday cooking, meal prepping and seasoning your favorite recipes.

Mined, harvested and produced by Redmond, Ancient Sea Salt® is unsurpassed in quality and consistency. Around since 1958, this U.S. purveyor of unrefined, unprocessed ancient sea salt is committed to sustainable practices, lessening its environmental impact and reducing its carbon footprint.

Give your body the unrefined salt it deserves and your food the added flavor it needs, and order your Solspring® Real Salt® Ancient Fine and Coarse Sea Salts today.

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