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Tabletop Air Purifier: 1 Unit

Tabletop Air Purifier

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Have a large space that needs cleaner air? The ClearAir Tabletop Air Purifier is designed to clean and purify the air in a large room or office space up to 850 sq. ft.

It uses three advanced technologies to control odors, smoke, pollen, pet dander and more:

  • Ionization, which charges the particulates in the air to clump together and fall out of your breathing space
  • Carbon filtration to remove airborne particulates, such as smoke, pollen and pet dander
  • Activated Oxygen to oxidize pollutants, ensuring the contaminant loses its ability to cause odor

These technologies actively seek out pollutants in the air and eliminates them.

With the ClearAir Tabletop Air Purifier, you can select the mode that best meets your needs. When on, the POWER button cycles through the Ionization mode (green light) and purifier mode (blue light). The Purifier mode adds the benefits of safe levels of Activated Oxygen (O3).

When OFF, the unit continues to run for 30 seconds to clear any ozone remaining inside.

For tougher odors or greater purification needs, the AWAY MODE setting provides high-power purification, using both Ionization and higher levels of Activated Oxygen. Intended for use only when humans and pets are out of the space, this powerful 30-minute cleaning cycle automatically reverts back to the previous mode setting when finished.

Take control of the quality of your air in your living or working space with the ClearAir Tabletop Air Purifier, and order today.

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Shipping Restrictions

  • The Tabletop Air Purifier cannot be shipped to California.


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    • Calificación del producto


    • Judy W. Comprador verificado
    • 06/01/2021
    • Great product

      I have seasonal allergies which are getting worse every year and I wanted something to help with that. Within 24 hours of running the table top unit I stopped sneezing and coughing. I am breathing better and can tell the difference when I don't run the unit. Now I leave it on all night to clean the air in our small 1000 sq ft home and it does great. I have also figured out that I am allergic to dog dander and this takes care of that as well.

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    • Anita M. Comprador verificado
    • 05/12/2021
    • Great purifier!

      I love this small but powerful; purifier and planning on buying a second!❤️

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    • Alice S. Comprador verificado
    • 10/24/2020
    • love this purifier

      This purifier cleans the air & mine is not noisy. We love it! It really makes a difference in the quality of the air in our bedroom where our dog sleeps too & in our motorhome. Would like to buy another one but for right now they are out of stock.

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    • Francois L. Comprador verificado
    • 09/26/2020
    • Works great but..

      I have other air filter at my house and this one is the loudest. The filtration is very good do far (after one month) but the fan included in the device looks like a cheap computer fan. I am a little bit disappointed by that. I wish they would have put a higher quality ball bearing fan that is more silent.

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    • Jamie L. Comprador verificado
    • 08/23/2020
    • Works Amazingly Well!

      I purchased two of these for my home. They run very quiet and make a huge difference. While on vacation some mice made a nest in my car. The smell was awful. I ran this purifier in my car for several sessions and the smell was gone! This purifier has a lot of power for the size!

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