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Fridge Air Purifier

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Using two effective purifying technologies – ionization and activated oxygen – the ClearAir Fridge Air Purifier purifies the air inside your refrigerator to create a clean and odorless environment for your fresh foods.

Not only will your refrigerator smell fresher, but also your fruits and vegetables will retain their quality and freshness longer.

By dispersing activated oxygen and negative charges into your refrigerator to destroy contaminants, the Fridge Air Purifier:

  • Breaks down odors caused by bacteria in the air and on surfaces.
  • Removes ethylene gas released by decaying food to help your produce stay fresher longer.
  • Neutralizes pesticides on foods.

With its energy-efficient operation and rechargeable battery, the ClearAir Fridge Air Purifier is economical to use. You can switch off the unit at any time, but while on, it provides five minutes of sterilization and deodorization every hour. It’s small size (smaller than a soda can) allows you to place it wherever you choose in your refrigerator for optimal performance.

The unit’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 18 to 24 days of continuous operation and is easily charged using a USB type C charger.

Help preserve the freshness of your fruits and vegetables, and order your ClearAir Fridge Air Purifier today.

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Shipping Restrictions

  • The Fridge Air Purifier cannot be shipped to California.

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    • 03/28/2022
    • Sandra L. Verified Buyer
    • Wow! It really works...

      This little unit is the most amazing thing ... one of the best gadgets I ever purchased. It works beautifully. Fruit and vegetables stay fresh so much longer... it has paid for itself many times over. I don't usually leave reviews, but I'm making an exception because everyone should have one of these!

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