Hair, Skin and Nails (Biotin, Keratin & Hyaluronic Acid) (30 per Bottle): 30-Day Supply

Hair, Skin and Nails

Biotin, Keratin & Hyaluronic Acid
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30-Day Supply

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Many people equate strong, lustrous hair, soft, glowing skin, and smooth, strong nails with optimal health and youthfulness. And countless individuals – men and women alike – spare little expense trying to achieve these effects, often with products and procedures that contain harsh ingredients.

What if there was a way to get some of the same results without spending a lot of money and putting your well-being at risk?

Instead of harsh chemicals, our Hair, Skin and Nails contains three special clinically-proven ingredients that work from within to significantly improve the appearance of your hair, skin and nails:*

  • Biotin (also known as vitamin H or B7) is considered the “Beauty Vitamin” for the role it plays in maintaining the infrastructure of keratin, one of the crucial structural proteins for healthy skin, hair and nails.*
  • Solubilized Keratin, extracted from premium quality pure New Zealand wool using a unique patented process, is a natural bioactive keratin (unlike denaturalized or hydrolyzed keratin that’s widely used in hair and skin care products) to help maintain healthy hair growth, skin elasticity and strong nails.*
  • Low Density Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a special form of highly bioactive HA that provides natural support for your skin’s hydration, helping to keep it youthful looking and radiant and smooth to the touch.*

Hair, Skin and Nails works deep down to help replenish diminishing levels of the nutrients – the crucial proteins, vitamins and polysaccharides – your body needs for proper structure and function.* Here are just some of the ways it can help you look and feel your best:

  • Maintains healthy hair growth*
  • Improves the structure of hair and adds body*
  • Promotes stronger feeling and thicker-looking hair*
  • Improves the shine and brightness of hair*
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines*
  • Promotes firmness and elasticity in skin*
  • Improves the brightness and radiance of skin*
  • Improves the strength, elasticity and moisture retention of healthy nails*

Give yourself the gift of a more youthful and healthy appearance, and order Hair, Skin and Nails today.

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  • 03/19/2023
  • Kate B. Comprador verificado
  • Great product!

    Love this product! After a year postpartum I was still losing and shedding so much hair. This product stopped the hair loss almost immediately. It’s also made my hair healthy. I’ve gotten so many compliments. It’s strengthened my nails as well. If you’re in the fence about buying this product, just do it! You won’t regret it.

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  • 03/01/2023
  • Natasha A. Comprador verificado
  • Great product

    I have been using this product for over a year. Seeing the results took patience. HSN DEFINITELY works. It has my hair longer and my nails grow quicker.

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  • 01/18/2023
  • Michael J. Comprador verificado
  • where has the hair

    since my wife has been taking this product her hair has been falling out - almost bald - help

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  • 12/25/2022
  • Donna T. Comprador verificado
  • WOW

    My nails are so hard and clear now and a girl friend had a bald spot in middle front of her head, where she had white hair before, well, now she is growing hair again, not just a little, but the whole spot has filled in and is a inch long, it's very apparent that it is the Hair Skin and Nails that is doing it. We are both 74 years old.

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  • 12/07/2022
  • Christine P. Comprador verificado
  • This made my nails worse- Am I the only one?

    I had high hopes for this helping but after 3 months of taking this daily along with collagen in the morning on an empty stomach, my nails and hair are not better but actually worse! The flaking and weakness and ripping/shredding of my nails has increased instead of gotten better! The amount of hair loss on my brush is no better at all! I really wanted this to work for me because other brands never did. I'm sorry to see the Mercola formulation had the same 'no effect' for me so I will not be throwing away any more money on this useless for me product.

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