Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent: 1 Unit

Silvershield® EMF Shielding Tent

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Electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, exist in a spectrum of frequencies that include radio and television waves, microwaves, X-rays, light, ultraviolet light and radioactive elements.

With most EMFs being harmful to health, your exposure has grown to be a billion billion fold greater than it was 100 years ago.

Shielding yourself while you sleep may be the most important step toward taking control of your health, as your body must reach a parasympathetic state in order to get restorative rest at night.

Just giving your brain and nervous system a break from the constant assault of EMFs for seven or eight hours each night can go a long way toward helping your entire body recuperate and restore normal function.

Our SILVERSHIELD® EMF Shielding Tent is designed to block EMFs – testing effective up to 40 GHz – from all types of electronic devices and radio frequencies while you sleep to allow your body to step up its own natural restorative processes.

This affordable shielding tent provides an effective and practical option for creating your own EMF-free sanctuary at home. Portable and easily folded, this tent is ideal for travel.

The SILVERSHIELD® EMF Shielding Tent comes with:

  • 1 Grounding Wire
  • 1 Outlet Ground Tester
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Black Anti-Oxidizing Storage Bag
  • 1 Six Foot Repair Thread (if needed in case of accidental tear)

Weighing only 4 lbs., the tent measures 86 in. (218 cm) x 36 in. (92 cm) x 24 in. (60 cm) and accommodates one person comfortably.

Get your health back on track and help mitigate the harmful effects of EMFs. Order the SILVERSHIELD® EMF Shielding Tent for yourself and your loved ones today.

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    • 08/17/2022
    • Julia S. Verified Buyer
    • I would not buy it again.

      I really would not buy this tent again. While it helps you to have healthier sleep, the build up of carbon dioxide and heat in this tent will make you to unzip this tent in the middle of the night to let the fresh air in, which defeats the purpose of this tent to keep you enclosed. There are people with some neurological problems that are sensitive to a low oxygen levels, they will feel this CO2 build up and the lack of the oxygen in this tent very quick. Unless you want to treat yourself with CO2 therapy... I have AC blowing at this tent all the time, and I have to sleep almost naked and I still have to unzip it, in the middle of the night, to let the fresh and cool air in! very uncomfortable!

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    • 03/25/2022
    • Tashia N. Verified Buyer
    • 1 year review

      I have had my tent for almost a year now. I mostly just sleep on my Earthing Mat...but when I am feeling OVERWHELMED with EMF's I break out my trusty Doctor Mercola tent and I slept in it last night for the first time in over a month and it was the best nights rest ever! I've got 5G towers on my roof and its horrible. Many residents in our building are getting sick and cancer diagnosis, I am grateful that I have this tent. Just make sure you aren't wearing much and that you have a fan pointed at you because the tent is not very breathable and it gets hot in there. As long as you are minimally dressed and have air blowing toward the tent you will sleep great! And, the tent has held up well for being a year old already. Just have to put it away each night and you get good at that fast!

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    • 11/01/2021
    • Kamala S. Verified Buyer

      I can not believe how profoundly deep I've slept since getting this. Apparently I was late to the game as I've had my tent for a week and I've been better rested and more inclined to wake up AFTER a sleep cycle vs in the middle of one which means even if I get less sleep than normal, I feel more rested being at the end of a cycle. I put my phone on airplane mode inside the tent but I don't have too in that it is totally blocked from any signal. (However I don't want it trying to find signal all night so putting it in airplane mode prevents that and saves tons of battery life.) I do turn off my router at night as Dr Mercola has suggested before and used to try and turn off the power to my bedroom but its very difficult as the breaker that controls my bedroom also controls other rooms so messed up clocks drive others around me nuts. will probably sleep so deep the first few nights you try this that it may surprise you. Definitely be sure to go to the bathroom before bed as getting out the tent during the night is no fun. To combat tossing and turning in my sleep I have been learning to sleep on my back with a small soft barely there neck roll under my neck vs a traditional pillow that tilts your head forward...the very same position its in all day long working on the computer or being on my phone. By allowing my neck muscles to relax at night I find that I no longer toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position(s) all night long. I know this tent was designed for 'travel use' which means it was NOT designed for daily use. However with it working as well as it does...I will baby it and use it nightly anyway. The quality of sleep is worth every penny. I was going to get a back up but I see it is already sold out. As others have said...thank you Dr Mercola for bringing yet another amazing product to the masses! You are in fact a god send!

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    • 07/03/2021
    • Chester C. Verified Buyer
    • Blocks EMF and Helps Sleep, But Stronger Stitches Needed for Rugged Use

      This tent helps me get a good night’s sleep because it blocks EMF. It used to be a problem, but not anymore. As a recommendation, the stitching should be super-strong for rugged, everyday use. That is because the inner lining (dark gray) will start to detach along the edges if you twist and turn a lot when you sleep. I noticed this happening, probably a little over two months after first using the tent. (I hope I could attach photos of the product, as on Amazon reviews) A second suggestion is the way the magnets are shaped. Currently, they have sharp corners which may tear into the fabric and protrude over time. This is less likely to happen if they are rounded smooth like an oblong rather than a rectangle. Would I buy again to replace my damaged one? Most likely. It does block EMF and promotes good quality sleep, which are very important to me. It is a great product that works and I’m fairly confident that its design and durability will continue to improve in newer models.

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    • 05/18/2021
    • Sonja H. Verified Buyer
    • Grateful for this fantastic product

      Thank you so much Dr Mercola for this spectacular product. You have created something that works and is affordable and portable. I feel better every night I spend in my tent and for the first time in *years* the tinnitus is almost completely gone AND I'm getting my energy back after repeatedly sleeping better and better. Much gratitude, God bless your soul. You are a gift to humanity dear m an.

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