Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Under-Counter Replacement Filter: 1 Unit

Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Under-Counter Replacement Filter

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The Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Under-Counter Replacement Filter provides broad-range contamination reduction while retaining beneficial minerals. A whole new paradigm in water filtration, it marries existing technologies and combines medias for a unique approach to:

  • Reduce up to 99.9% of 172 contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, chromium and other heavy metals, disinfectants, anions, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Selectively allow essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to pass through.
  • Reduce microorganisms commonly found in municipal water supplies, such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and fungi, using .01 micron filtration.
  • Shield and remove larger particulate and sediment to help prolong flow rate and filter life.

The sediment shield removes larger particulates and sediment while the .5 micron carbon block is responsible for reducing a wide range of contaminants. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and fungi are reduced using .01 micron filtration.

For optimal fluoride removal, our Replacement Filters are rated at 250 gallons at normal household water pressure. We recommend replacing the batteries for the battery powered LED indicator (that reminds you to change the filter after 250 gallons) at the same time you replace the filter. Instructions for replacing the batteries and resetting the LED indicator are printed on the product package and Water Filter manual.

Removing your expired filter and inserting the new filter on your Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Under-Counter Water Filter is easy to do and requires no tools. Step-by-step instructions are provided with your Replacement Filter.

Order your Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Under-Counter Replacement Filter today to continue enjoying up to 99.9% fluoride-free, great-tasting pure and clear water from your tap.

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    • 02/27/2023
    • Jennifer H. Comprador verificado
    • Great Tasting CLEAN Water

      I installed the under the sink water filter a few months ago and I am very pleased with the water. I replaced the filter's cartridge after using it for over 90 days. That figures out to have saved me over 75% on the cost of water. Also, I feel good about having water straight from the tap without using the plastic containers. The system was very easy to install and the filters are a breeze to change! The kit included a special wrench to make it convenient to remove and replace the filter and tighten it correctly. I give this 10 stars out of 5 =)

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