Ubiquinol 150 mg & Pau d Arco: 90-Day Supply

Ubiquinol 150 mg & Pau d'Arco

90-Day Supply
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Ubiquinol (150 mg)

Did you know your mitochondrial function is at the heart of everything that happens in your body?

Most of your cells contain several hundred mitochondria, little energy factories that supply the majority of the fuel and energy your body produces. However, this massive energy production generates byproducts that can damage your cells and mitochondrial DNA.

CoQ10 and its reduced, active form – ubiquinol – are rare lipid-soluble antioxidants that can help protect you against cellular damage from free radical byproducts, ensuring your body receives the energy it needs for the healthy function of your heart, brain, muscles, kidneys and other fuel-hungry tissues.*

While younger people may utilize CoQ10 without difficulty, we recommend those older than 30 use the active, more readily absorbable form of CoQ10 – ubiquinol.

Our Ubiquinol formula:

  • Contains Kaneka Ubiquinol as the active ingredient – the only genuine, patented ubiquinol meticulously produced to protect against oxidation.
  • Is made by an exclusive manufacturing process that utilizes biological fermentation to deliver a high-quality stabilized and high-absorption formula for reliable support.*
  • Comes packaged in hard capsules, rather than air-permeable soft gels, to help protect contents from oxidation.

Available in 100 mg, 150 mg and 200 mg dosages, order your supply of Ubiquinol today.

Pau d'Arco

No matter what you do to try to slow down the clock, one thing is for certain: you can’t stop the cells in your body and brain from aging. But you may be able to help slow it down by focusing on where aging happens – in your mitochondria.

Researchers have made exciting discoveries about plant substances that can help protect your mitochondria and genetic material, and help slow premature cellular aging. Some of those substances are found in Pau d’Arco, an herb from the bark of a tropical tree called the Pink Lapacho.

Pau d’Arco can be taken on a daily basis for mitochondrial, immune-supporting and anti-cellular aging benefits.* This specialty herb may help:

  • Support heart, skin and respiratory health.*
  • Raise your levels of NAD+ to support the repair of mitochondrial DNA and the biogenesis of new mitochondria.*
  • Improve the production of cellular energy, or ATP.*
  • Reduce damaging free radicals called reactive oxygen species, or ROS.*
  • Maintain blood sugar levels already in the healthy normal range.*
  • Support weight management.*
  • Help enhance strength and vigor.*

While some Pau d’Arco producers use both the inner and outer bark of the tree, which can include dead wood that dilutes the activity and effectiveness, our Pau d’Arco is made only from the mature, living inner lining of the Pink Lapacho tree bark.

Give your cells the care they need so you can enjoy a long, healthy life, and order Pau d’Arco today.

Important Note:

  • If you have a blood coagulation condition or are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin (Coumadin®), do not use Pau d’Arco.