L-Arginine Advanced (90 per Bottle): 90-Day Supply

L-Arginine Advanced

1000 mg
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90-Day Supply

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The number of research studies published on a very special amino acid, L-arginine, are in the hundreds, and perhaps even more than a thousand in recent years.

Supported by scientific research, L-arginine supplementation has been shown to potentially help with blood flow and overall cardiovascular health by how it helps blood vessels relax and aids in maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels already in the normal range.*

A high-quality L-arginine supplement may also:

  • Promote healthy immune function.*
  • Enhance exercise performance and duration.*
  • Support healthy, normal breathing.*
  • Aid overall kidney vitality.*
  • Help promote healthy skin.*

However, one of the biggest challenges with L-arginine is its absorption rate.

Your body very rapidly absorbs and metabolizes L-arginine. This means you would likely have to take supplemental doses of it frequently during the day in order to maintain increased levels in your body.

With its innovative MiniTab delivery technology, our exclusive L-Arginine Advanced formula provides a controlled, sustained and targeted release so that fewer capsules are needed for optimal absorption potential and consistent blood levels.* You may take one capsule in the morning and two in the evening, or take a single capsule every eight hours.

This slow-release advantage not only offers great flexibility and convenience in serving intervals but also aids in bioavailability and helps extend the effects of each serving.*

Give your cardiovascular system the help and protection it may need, and order your supply of L-Arginine Advanced today.*

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One Time You Would Not Want to Take L-Arginine Advanced
If you suffer from herpes, you will not want to take this supplement when you are having a flare up, as it can impair your body's ability to utilize lysine, which is another important amino acid that is used to combat herpes infections.

Individuals on prescription anti-coagulant medication or anti-hypertensive drugs should consult a physician before taking L-Arginine Advanced and should be supervised by a qualified health care practitioner.


If you have blood coagulation condition or are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin (Coumadin®), do not use L-Arginine Advanced.

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  • 08/24/2021
  • Magdalena S. Comprador verificado
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  • 08/24/2021
  • Magdalena S. Comprador verificado
  • Excellent

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  • 08/16/2021
  • Roberta B. Comprador verificado
  • excellent product

    The capsule is not unusually large, it's easy to swallow, and it's completely full of little time-release pills that work like no other l-arginine I've tried. So glad it's back in stock!

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  • 04/07/2021
  • Chrysanthie S. Comprador verificado

    I like the previous batch of this supplement very much. Then it went out of stock for the longest time. Was so excited when it was back in stock but was very disappointed at the results. Caused my eyes, skin and eyes to become dry.

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  • 03/10/2021
  • Cynthia K. Comprador verificado
  • Too Large!

    These capsules are enormous! They are like trying to swallow a Lego toy. There is plenty of room inside this capsule...looks like they could've been made much smaller.

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