KetoFast by Dr. Mercola & KetoFast Cookbook by Dr. Mercola and Pete Evans

KetoFast by Dr. Mercola & KetoFast Cookbook by Dr. Mercola and Pete Evans

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There’s no question fasting provides many benefits for overall health and weight loss. However, traditional fasting plans can have major drawbacks. For example, you can only do multi-day water fasts a few times a year which seriously limits your benefits.

My version of fasting, KetoFasting, is so easy you can comfortably fit it into your schedule once or twice a week and get far more benefits that repair and regenerate your body year-round.

Here’s a major problem with water-only fasting… As your body begins to burn its fat stores, fat-soluble toxins and chemicals that have been safely stored in your fat are now released. These mobilized toxins enter your bloodstream and organs, and contribute to the side effects so many experience, like headaches, brain fog and nausea.

My book KetoFast provides a step-by-step guide showing you how to eliminate these accumulated fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals without overwhelming your systems of detoxification and causing even greater damage.

Designed as the next step after my book Fat for Fuel, KetoFast leads you through a gradual approach to fasting and ketosis to help you enjoy the benefits of fasting and a ketogenic diet without many of the downsides.

KetoFast’s companion cookbook, KetoFast Cookbook is your ultimate guide to choosing the proper foods for intermittent fasting and timed ketogenic meals. To make this cookbook as supportive for your detoxification and weight loss as possible, it includes the best nutrient-rich foods and supplements to facilitate the process of carrying harmful substances out of your body.

A collaboration with chef and restaurateur, Pete Evens, the KetoFast Cookbook contains more than 40 tasty, nutrient-dense recipes for soups, snacks, drinks and teas, highlighted with stunning photos shot in Pete’s own kitchen.

The foods in the recipes are loaded with phytochemicals that support detoxification during KetoFasting. In fact, these foods were specifically chosen to eliminate virtually all the side effects that people experience with fasting.

Order your copies of both books today, and take a giant step toward rejuvenating your health.