KetoFast Cookbook by Dr. Mercola and Pete Evans

KetoFast Cookbook by Dr. Mercola and Pete Evans

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While you might think fasting deals with not eating, your long-term benefits are strongly influenced by the food you eat when you aren’t fasting.

My KetoFast plan avoids many of the pitfalls of a water-only fast by turning fasting days into partial fasting days. During these days, you consume a limited number of calories at very specific times. By doing this, you provide the nutrients and protein your body needs to detox effectively and avoid the unwanted side effects of fasting.

The protein choices you make while KetoFasting or following a ketogenic diet are especially important. If you consume too much or the wrong types of protein, your detox may work, but you will also stimulate mTOR, or a crucial pathway that inhibits one of the most valuable aspects of partial fasting, autophagy.

The KetoFast Cookbook is your ultimate guide to choosing the proper foods for intermittent fasting and timed ketogenic meals. To make this cookbook as supportive for your detoxification and weight loss as possible, I’ve done extensive research on the best nutrient-rich foods and supplements to facilitate the process of carrying harmful substances out of your body.

Because the foods had to be delicious and easy to combine in recipes, I turned to chef, restaurateur and my collaborator on the Fat for Fuel Cookbook, Pete Evans, to create recipes that fit my parameters for your partial-fasting days.

You’ll find more than 40 recipes along with beautiful photos shot in Pete’s own kitchen in the KetoFast Cookbook. This companion guide to KetoFast is designed to help you get the most from your KetoFasting days. We’ve included nearly two dozen soups, snacks and a collection of drinks and teas containing tasty, nutrient-dense ingredients.
The foods in the recipes are loaded with phytochemicals that support detoxification during KetoFasting. In fact, these foods were specifically chosen to eliminate virtually all the side effects that people experience with fasting.

Order your companion guide to KetoFast today – the KetoFast Cookbook.

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    • 01/02/2020
    • Lara H. Verified Buyer
    • Wonderful cookbook!

      We have tried many of the soup recipes in this cookbook and ALL of them have been delicious! These are the tastiest soup recipes I've ever made. If you like soup, you need this cookbook. Fantastic :)

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