Road to Ananda

Road to Ananda

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Nutritional and botanical science is barely more than a century old; yet, a major breakthrough in natural medicine has recently occurred through our understanding of how hemp derived phytocannabinods assist in nourishing and supporting the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This nourishment helps your body achieve overall health, well-being and balance (homeostatis).

The dawning support and appreciation among health care practitioners of the role of ECS as a modulator of all physiological functioning, and the potential usefulness of hemp phytocannabinoids to support it, represents a major paradigm shift in botanical medicine.

Written by Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist Carl Germano, Road to Ananda is the ultimate guide to educating yourself about the body’s ECS, the most important physiological system that influences all organ functions and communication throughout the body. While many textbooks and studies exist on this subject, this book is an easy-to-read illustrated catalog about the ECS, the role it plays in the body and its significance in health and disease, providing valuable insights and current scientific and medical information.

Order this valuable resource today as your first step toward exploring the remarkable inner workings of the ECS and the enormous potential that hemp derived phytocannabinoids have to optimize and improve your health.

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