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Pau d Arco

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icons - Blood Flow Support, Energy Production, Mitochondrial Health

No matter what you do to try to slow down the clock, one thing is for certain: you can’t stop the cells in your body and brain from aging.

While you may not be able to stop the process of cellular aging, you can help slow it down by focusing at where aging happens – your mitochondria.

Researchers have isolated plant substances that can help protect your mitochondria and genetic material, and help slow premature cellular aging.

One of those substances is Pau d’Arco, an herb made from the bark of a large tropical tree, called the Pink Lapacho. Found in the rainforests of the Amazon, South America and Latin America, it has a long history of use for a number of health concerns.

Unlike some others that use both the inner and outer bark, our Pau d’Arco is made only from the aged inner lining of the Pink Lapacho tree bark. Many companies that use the whole bark also use the dead wood, which can dilute the activity and effectiveness of Pau d’Arco.

Pau d’Arco can be taken on a daily basis for its mitochondrial, immune-supporting and anti-cellular aging benefits.* This specialty herb may also help:

  • Support heart, skin and respiratory health.*
  • Raise your levels of NAD+ to support the repair of mitochondrial DNA and the biogenesis of new mitochondria.*
  • Improve cellular energy production or ATP.*
  • Reduce damaging reactive species or ROS.*
  • Maintain blood sugar levels already in the healthy normal range.*
  • Support weight management.*
  • Enhance strength and vigor.*

Don’t let your cells age faster than they need to, and order Pau d’Arco today.

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WARNING: If you have a blood coagulation condition or are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin (Coumadin®), do not use Pau d’Arco.
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