Dry Aroma Diffuser (USB Power Cord with 120v Adapter): 1 Unit

Dry Aroma Diffuser

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About this item

One of nature’s best-kept secrets for centuries, essential oils are a simple and effective way to help shift your mood and vitality almost instantaneously.

However, as valuable as they may be, essential oils just sitting in a bottle won’t do you much good. You must get them into your body.

While many people like to massage them into their skin using a carrier oil (and that’s an excellent way to use certain essential oils), the fastest and most efficient way to get essential oils into your lungs and throughout your body is through your sense of smell or your olfactory system.

You have several choices for diffusing essential oils. The two most important qualities of a diffuser is that it must preserve the fragile components of essential oils and disperse them in a way for you to benefit. Many do not pass this two-part test!

If you want to saturate your space quickly with the scent and the valuable components of organic essential oils, the Dry Aroma Diffuser is an outstanding choice. The Dry Aroma Diffuser is a waterless diffuser that diffuses the essential oils in their pure form.

With its neutral and attractive blond-colored solid wood base and glass reservoir and nozzle, you can enjoy an ultimate aromatherapy experience in any room or location of your choosing.

Easy to operate, a single silver control knob switches the unit on and off, and allows you to control its speed of operation. To use, lift the glass nozzle and add 10 to 15 drops of one or more essential oils to the reservoir. We recommend using our 100 percent Organic Essential Oils for optimal benefits.

The Dry Aroma Diffuser requires no water to operate. Within seconds, it begins drawing the essential oil (s) up through the internal spray nozzle and then sprays it against the wall of the reservoir, creating droplets. The droplets then disperse through the glass nozzle’s small opening, diffusing powerfully into your space.

Operating at a soft purr, the Diffuser runs continuously for 5 minutes and then rests silently for 3 minutes until you turn the control knob to the off position. This intermittent operation conserves your oils and allows your olfactory system to fully benefit from the oil’s components. You don’t need to monitor it yourself!

Compact in size (measures approximately 4 and 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches tall), the Dry Aroma Diffuser packs a lot of aromatherapy power for its size.   

Order your Dry Diffuser today for the ultimate aromatherapy experience.