Organic Fermented Beet Powder (30 Servings per Bag): 3 Bags

Organic Fermented Beet Powder

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$52.97 ahorre 29%
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Beet juice has become very popular for providing support for energy levels and mental focus. However, beet juice is not the ideal way to get the valuable benefits from beets because it is loaded with sugar and is sourced mostly from GMO beets.

So why would you want to include beets – ideally beets or beet juice that’s lower in sugar – in your diet? Beet juice, with its abundant naturally occurring nitrates, phytochemical and antioxidant compounds, and other nutrients like folate, vitamin C, fiber, manganese and potassium can help:

  • Support your energy levels.
  • Promote a healthy normal inflammatory response.
  • Promote healthy blood flow throughout your body and brain.
  • Support your body’s natural detoxification processes.
  • Support immune and cellular health.
  • Promote brain neuroplasticity, or the ability to form new neural pathways.

My Organic Fermented Beet Powder is an ideal way to supplement your diet with beets. Simple to use, it can be added to your daily smoothie or mixed with water or other beverages for a nitrate-rich energy boost.

Here’s how my Organic Fermented Beet Powder differs from other beet products:

  • It’s made from organic dried red beets (no genetically modified beets!).
  • The fermentation process consumes the natural sugars while leaving precious nutrients intact, resulting in almost zero sugars!
  • Contains more than double the amount of nitrates, compared to non-fermented beets.
  • The fermentation process adds beneficial bacteria and enzymes, making some of the nutrients of beets even more bioavailable to your body.

Plus, each 5 gram serving of Organic Fermented Beet Powder is equivalent to 1/3 cup or 40 grams of whole, fresh beets.

Why not order my Organic Fermented Beet Powder today and help put some extra bounce in your step?

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  • Libre de GMO
    • Garantizamos que todos nuestros productos son libres de ingredientes transgénicos.
  • Libre de Gluten
    • Garantizamos que este producto esté libre de proteínas de gluten.
  • Libre de Soya
    • Nosotros evitamos la soya siempre que nos sea posible, ya que es un producto transgénico y puede ser fatal para las hormonas
  • Orgánico
    • Este producto es certificado orgánico por la USDA. Lo que significa que los ingredientes son cultivados sin el uso de sustancias químicas dañinas, sin OMGs y tampoco contienen ingredientes sintéticos.
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  • Michael V. Comprador verificado
  • 08/14/2021
  • Love it

    I actually love this beet powder. At first the taste just wasn’t as good until I mixed it with cold water. Mix it with cold water and add it to your vegetable smoothie 😊

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  • Michael V. Comprador verificado
  • 08/14/2021
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  • Kristen S. Comprador verificado
  • 07/28/2021
  • Love this product, no sugar content with all the benefits

    Love this product and buy often. No sugar content of beets with all the benefits of beet plus more, being a fermented product

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  • Cynthia C. Comprador verificado
  • 07/20/2021
  • Yuck

    i trust Dr. Mercola products to be good for me, but being good for you and tasting good are 2 different things. This fermented beet powder is ghastly, it tastes like burned beets and dirt, or worse. I used all 3 bags, but had to choke it down, even if it was mixed with juice. I won't order this product again.

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  • John K. Comprador verificado
  • 06/12/2021
  • Beet powder

    Taste took getting used to. My preferred way is add a scoop to Pure Power Protein, Chocolate flavor. Use cold water.

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  • Rebecca W. Comprador verificado
  • 04/16/2021
  • fermented beet powder

    We love this product. I open the bag and dump the powder into a mason jar, then we aren't worried about the bag not closing properly.

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  • Calin B. Comprador verificado
  • 03/26/2021
  • Great for Healthy Blood and Circulation!

    I usually mix a scoop of this fermented beet powder with about 4 or 5 oz of cold water and a few drops of stevia for taste and its associated health benefits. Pure juice is too sweet for me and I don't want that much sugar but sometimes I'll mix my daily dose of beet using 1/2 scoop of powder in 4 oz. of bottled beet juice to kill the sweetness and bring calories down to about 35.

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  • Janine B. Comprador verificado
  • 04/19/2020
  • suggestion

    I assume it is good for me. To be honest I don't notice any difference yet using it but I have a pretty good diet and I take a lot of supplements so maybe that is why I don't notice. Some companies are now using a velcro like closure at the top of bags which is very helpful. This bag doesn't close properly which is a problem. I use a clip to keep it closed

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  • John K. Comprador verificado
  • 01/27/2020
  • Tested for heavy metals?

    Is this product tested for heavy metals?

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 22    0
    • Atención al cliente

      We thank you for bringing your concern to our attention! The Organic Fermented Beet Powder is tested by 3rd party labs for a variety of heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and acrylamide. Each batch is tested to meet our high standards and to ensure the quality of our products. We do hope this information is helpful!


  • Maurice P. Comprador verificado
  • 01/23/2020
  • More energy

    Love the product, notice an increase in energy when I take it ,hopefully is helping with circulation. One suggestion, wish you would go to jars instead of bags, they don't always seal probably and its hard to get the product out when you get near the bottom.

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    • Atención al cliente

      We are pleased to hear how much you enjoy our Fermented Beet Powder! We greatly appreciate your product suggestion regarding using jars instead of bags, and we will be glad to forward these comments over to the appropriate parties for consideration!


  • Judith H. Comprador verificado
  • 11/05/2019
  • Fermented Beet Powder

    This fermented beet powder is wonderful! It tastes good no matter how you use it, mixed in water or juiced vegetables or smoothies. Or sprinkled on salad or veggies or added to sauces. It is a great buy for the money, and so very good for you! I won't be without it.

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