Premium Pet Bed (Medium): 1 Unit

Premium Pet Bed

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Ordinary pet beds are loaded with fire retardant chemicals that present toxic hazards for your pet. While younger pets and older pets tend to be more vulnerable to the effects of toxins, pets of any age can be susceptible to the accumulation of flame retardants and other chemicals in their bodies.

The Premium Pet Bed is a solution to this problem. It’s a completely non-toxic pet bed that gives your furry family member a comfortable, safe place to rest and sleep. It provides your pet with a clean, safe, top-quality bed made with the finest of natural materials.

Measuring 27” x 21” x 3”, it features:

  • Absolutely no flame retardants or other chemicals.
  • Three non-toxic, safe layers – an organic cotton outer, silk lining, and non-toxic poly-microfiber fill.
  • Highly durable materials.
  • Fabric breathability, which helps manage allergic irritations and hot spots
  • Hypoallergenic silk to help repel dust mites
  • An easy-to-clean, removable outer cover

Avoid ordinary pet beds that are loaded with fire retardants and other chemicals that can contribute to long-term health problems for your pet. Instead, promote her good health with a non-toxic bed wrapped in hypoallergenic silk and organic cotton. Order her a Premium Pet Bed today.

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    • 06/22/2022
    • Sharon F. Verified Buyer
    • Premium Pet Bed

      I first purchased a medium size for my beagle Millie last year but she was not using it as much, preferring to sleep on our bed or couch in living room. Now that she's 14 months old, she started napping on this bed more often and seems to like it very much, so purchased 2 more recently to put around the house. I like the fact it's organic and non-toxic. It is very comfortable.

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    • 11/17/2021
    • Julia J. Verified Buyer
    • My dog loves this bed!!!

      My Boston Terrier has three of these beds in various places. We’ve had them several years. Covers wash great! I’m so pleased that this healthy option for a bed is a very reasonable price...for my dog. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because the inside is not washable. I know that’s be harder to craft, but like another reviewer mentioned, if the dog pees on it at any point (a concern as she ages), the inside will be ruined. Until then, she’ll keep loving these beds!

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    • 11/16/2021
    • Mary J. Verified Buyer
    • Organic dog bed

      I like the fact they are made from organic materials but the first ones I bought only lasted a couple years before the liner to the inside mat, literally fell apart. I'm buying another becaI feel its better for my dogs but finding a longer lasting material would be much appreciated.

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    • 11/16/2021
    • Mary J. Verified Buyer
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    • 08/24/2021
    • Suzanne P. Verified Buyer
    • Room for Improvement

      I bought this for my dog but she refused to use it. She much prefers a cuddler style bed with raised sides. I think it makes her feel more secure.

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    • 08/12/2021
    • Peggy F. Verified Buyer
    • Disposable bed, not washable

      Only the outer cover is washable unfortunately. This means if your pet has an accident and it permeates the non waterproof cover your bed is useless. This is pricey considering the bed is then disposable. Perhaps an improvement would be to include a waterproof inner cover so the bed is no longer disposable. I would certainly pay more for a bed that will hold up to accidents.

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    • 12/12/2020
    • Peter P. Verified Buyer
    • Clean and Comfy

      I have three of the mattresses tucked away in quiet places for my kitties who use them every day. Kitties appear to enjoy sinking into the comfy bed and I appreciate the natural and non-toxic components. The durable case unzips easily to clean.

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    • 01/11/2020
    • Anne Elizabeth F. Verified Buyer
    • Best ever - both dogs want it

      I ordered the largest size, thinking that would be fine for both dogs - a Border Collie mix and a Chihuahua. Well, they will occasionally share it, but they each really want it all by themselves, so I'm ordering a smaller size for the Chi. Otherwise, I have to get the big one to move so the tiny one can have the WHOLE BED. Thanks, Dr. Mercola - this bed is the best obviously! Must be pretty "doggone" comfortable!

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