Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) Advanced DVD Set: 2 Discs

Neurostructural Integration Technique

NST Advanced DVD Set
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NST Advanced DVD Training

The NST Advanced DVD Training System is designed to take the NST Practitioner to the next level in their professional clinical application of NST. It follows directly from where the extremely popular NST Basic DVD Training System concluded.

A cleverly designed integrated DVD education system modelling the structure of the powerful Advanced NST Workshop, the Advanced NST DVD Training System faithfully emphasizes the same training goals of Refinement, Adaptation and Potentization.

Like the Basic Training System, the Advanced is a Double Volume DVD set. However, the viewing content is more than double that of the Basic, attesting to the sheer amount of highly valuable and detailed therapeutic NST work presented therein.

Produced in High Definition to ensure quality enjoyable viewing, the NST Advanced DVD Training System is packed full of precise anatomical NST illustrations, integrated on screen numbering system all interspersed with valuable on-screen notes that further serve to crystallize your comprehension of the NST work being demonstrated.

NST’s founder and developer Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy leaves no stone unturned as he accompanies you through a top quality, crystal clear hands-on presentation.

The NST Advanced DVD Training System also represents an excellent value—you’ll save over 50% on the tuition costs alone for attending the NST Advanced workshop.

Inside Volume One

Volume One summarizes one and a half days of actual workshop content.

Volume One runs for 140 minutes and contains the Refinement and Adaptation sections. They’re designed to powerfully enhance and expand the NST Core Work contained in the Dynamic Body Balance section and include a bonus section for Thoracic and Shoulder Work.

Refinement commences by re-visiting and refining the powerful NST Engine (Dynamic Body Balance).

Dr. Nixon-Livy takes you over each and every Pri-move contained in the Dynamic Body Balance clarifying and deepening your comprehension with insight and clever tips.

Volume One then moves to the Adaptation section where the Dynamic Body Balance is transformed by the addition of several Variations and Additions that enable the NST Practitioner to apply the Dynamic Body Balance with more depth, specificity, and efficiency.

The Adaptation section concludes with some wonderful work for the shoulders and thoracic area performed in the sitting position.

All procedures demonstrated are supported by precise NST anatomical illustrations, on-screen notes and numbering system that enable you perform each and every Pri-move and procedure accurately.

Inside Volume Two

Volume Two summarizes two and a half days of actual workshop content.

Volume Two runs for 180 minutes and contains the Potentization section, which is designed to provide the NST Practitioner with more powerful procedures for chronic or difficult cases.

Full of elegant therapeutic solutions, Potentization dramatically deepens and expands the complete NST system via a multitude of new advanced procedures contained in three distinct categories.

The main Eclectic category contains several new advanced procedures for the Shoulders, Elbow & Wrist, Hands, Feet, Coccyx, and Hips.

The Occasional category contains specific procedures for the Central Base, Scoliosis, and Epilepsy.

Finally the TMJ & Cranial category contains further important work for the TMJ plus an Ocular release and a deeply relaxing and integrating Cranial technique.

In this advanced DVD, NST’s founder Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy leads you through the complete Potentization section in his typical straightforward style with a crystal clear hands-on ‘at the table’ presentation which is wonderfully enhanced by a myriad of precise NST anatomical illustrations and further supported by numerous concise on-screen notes and a numbering system.

The NST Advanced DVD Training System equips the practitioner with all relevant information for the NST Advanced work to be immediately applied and reproduced in the clinic.

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) will play on a computer, but may not work in all DVD players.