Why Trust Dr. Mercola's Products

  1. Doctor Formulated: All our products are formulated by Dr. Mercola and are thoroughly researched and developed with you in mind by our Product Development Team of scientists, engineers and specialists. No product or ingredient will ever be added to our market if it doesn’t meet our premium standards.
  2. Enhanced Bioavailability: We are committed to providing quality food products and supplements, often derived from foods, through innovative advancements and technologies. Fermentation, delayed-release capsules, micro-active, special coatings, and other technologies and processes help enhance nutrients, improve bioavailability and optimize benefits to help you get the most out each of our products.
  3. Clean Ingredients: We guarantee clean products that are free of harmful chemicals, ingredients, and contaminants. Whenever possible, we use Certified Biodynamic® and Organic ingredients that are free of soy and gluten. We only use products that provide nutritional benefit. Many manufacturers use processing aids, like magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide, that help equipment run faster but provides no benefits; Dr. Mercola does not allow these aids in any of his products.
  4. No GMOs. Dr. Mercola pioneered the Non-GMO movement by providing funding to add Proposition 37 to the ballot during the 2012 California statewide election, which would have required the labeling of genetically engineered food. Dr. Mercola does not allow genetically engineered ingredients into his products; all our products are free of genetically modified organisms. Even the cotton filling inside our glass supplement bottles is organic!
  5. Protection from Degradation: Dr. Mercola does not use soft gels as many are full of plasticizers and are semi-permeable which allows the oils inside to oxidize. Instead, our liquid capsules are all made of hard capsule shells that improve protection when compared to traditional, semipermeable soft gels capsules Because many of our products are food based, we utilize protective technologies to prevent spoilage and rancidity due to oxygen and moisture exposure.
  6. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): The FDA regulates all supplements, and GMP provides safety and efficacy for products. All of our products are manufactured to the appropriate GMP standards specifically set for each product. Our manufacturers are always certified, and our experienced Product Development Team audits their facilities regularly for these standards.
  7. Laboratory Testing: All of our products are professionally tested for contamination, adulteration, potency and performance. Our consumables and skincare products undergo micro testing and heavy metal analysis, and all products go through a sensory and quality analysis prior to release. Additionally, our products are tested at multiple stages during production and again after production for stability or failure analysis.
  8. Sustainability: At Dr. Mercola Products, we select ingredients and packaging that are sustainable, recyclable and have minimum impact on our planet’s environment. Our products exclusively use glass or recyclable plastics, we do not use any plastic fillers during fulfillment, and even our packaging tape is recyclable. This action supports regenerative agriculture and other sustainable programs that we strongly believe in.
  9. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to regenerative practices and are actively working to move products to biodynamic, or organic, processes while working with suppliers and facilities to meet these higher standards. When we find better ingredients, processes and packaging, we will bring them to you while making every effort possible to avoid price increases.