Food Matters DVD

Food Matters DVD

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James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch have created an independent, scientific-based DVD documentary titled Food Matters that explores the politics and realities of food and health care.

James and Laurentine, with the help of some of the top natural health and nutrition experts in the world, escort you down a mystical "rabbit hole" to uncover startling truths about the "Sickness Industry" and the "hushed" alternative treatments critical for your well-being. Most importantly, they provide a radiant beacon of hope with steps you can take today to regain control of your health and begin healing.

In this 90-minute research-backed, stunning documentary DVD you'll discover:

  • Why all the so-called "cures" for everyday health issues aren't working, regardless of the billions spent in research and development.
  • The true cause of disease and how to treat it -- what works, what doesn't, and what's killing you.
  • How to use the right kinds of foods and supplements to treat chronic and serious illnesses -- even deadly cancer.
  • How to disease-proof your body and enjoy optimum health and longevity.
  • How to use raw foods and detoxification for rapid and permanent weight loss.

Whether it's turning around a serious or chronic condition or just protecting your health, I want you to have the solid information you need. There's still time to take that first -- or even fourth -- step in taking back control of your health. Order your copy of Food Matters today.