Sito® Pillowcase Set, In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton

Sito® Pillowcase Set, In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton

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Conventional cotton is the most sprayed crop in the world. Each year, more chemicals used to process cotton have been classified as “hazardous” by the World Health Organization (WHO), and they don’t wash out, even with repeated washings. They may even release harmful vapors and microscopic particles with use, putting you at risk while you sleep.

Instead, reach for GOTS-certified Sito® In-Conversion Biodynamic® Organic Cotton Pillowcases for sleep made safe. More than just thread count, these one-of-a-kind linens are:

  • Made with integrity by Demeter Certified In-Conversion Biodynamic® farms (50% of the farmers are women) in India that are “in-conversion,” or transitioning over to 100% Biodynamic organic farming practices.
  • Stringently tested to guarantee a high level of quality and the assurance that they are free of harmful chemicals and GMO cotton.
  • Crafted from a specially selected breed of cotton seed that provides extra-long (33 mm) staple length for a slightly thicker, tightly woven satin fabric with a luminous sheen and silky, smooth surface.
  • Dyed only with sustainable, non-toxic, low-impact and fiber-reactive plant dyes by means of an Earth-friendly process that avoids the use of toxic formaldehyde.
  • Single-origin textiles that are made locally in Southern Tamil Nadu, India, cut and sewn into beautiful Sito® In-conversion Biodynamic® textiles that are as strong as they are soft to help you create a healthy home.
  • Pre-shrunk using a natural, environmentally friendly, GOTS-approved enzyme echo-wash for a luxuriously soft hand feel.

In-Conversion Biodynamic® is the solution to a non-toxic home. Known as the original regenerative agriculture, biodynamics is a step above organic, considering the prosperity of entire farm instead of individual crops and products. It requires the use of holistic regenerative farming practices to promote the health of the soil, crops and livestock, prohibiting all use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones and GMOs.

Our Sito® Pillowcase sets come with two pillowcases in the following size options:

  • 20” x 32” (Standard)
  • 20” x 40” (King)

What touches your skin matters. Embrace sustainable living with the non-toxic pillowcases because a good night’s sleep is more than just the fluff of your pillow. Order your set today.

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  • GOTS
    • El Estándar Global de Textiles Orgánicos (GOTS) es la certificación principal para el procesamiento de fibras orgánicas para los textiles. Es una garantía de las prácticas de recolección y fabricación ambiental y socialmente responsables, cuyo objetivo es minimizar el uso de productos químicos.
  • Demeter en proceso
    • Este término se le aplica a un producto que se produce durante un período de transición de tres años, en el que el agricultor utiliza las prácticas de la agricultura Biodinámica. Es la transición de la agricultura convencional a la biodinámica, la cual emplea métodos regenerativos que beneficien la Tierra para cumplir con estándares más rigurosos de la agricultura.