Kinetic Culture® Yogurt Maker (120 volts): 1 Unit

Kinetic Culture® Yogurt Maker

120 Volts
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Acerca de este producto

Making your own homemade yogurt is a great way to support your gut health. Dr. Mercola’s Kinetic Culture® Yogurt Maker makes homemade yogurt easy to do, even if you’re gone all day.

When you make yogurt with the Kinetic Culture® Yogurt Maker, you can set it, leave the house, and come home to ready-made yogurt.

With its special advanced technology called PTC, or Positive Temperature Coefficient technology, you can accurately control the temperature of the unit. And a separate timer gives you control over the length of the fermenting period to customize your finished product before the maker automatically shuts off.

Other special features found in the Kinetic Culture® Yogurt Maker make homemade yogurt especially simple to do...

  • Fully automatic for easy operation
  • Allows you to customize culturing time based on your preference for a thinner, milder flavor yogurt or one that’s thicker and more tart
  • Maintains the perfect temperature for optimal fermenting of your yogurt
  • Its unique configuration allows for equal heat transmission
  • See-through cover enables you to observe the fermentation process in action
  • Includes 7 dishwasher-safe glass jars and plastic lids that go straight from the yogurt maker into your refrigerator
  • Comes with a complete Owner’s Manual with troubleshooting guide for the perfect yogurt – every time

With its compact footprint (10.8” L x 9.6” W x 5.8” H) and sleek design, my Yogurt Maker looks attractive in any setting. And with its quiet, soundless operation, you’ll hardly know it’s there!

Once you taste the delicious yogurt it makes with such minimal effort, you’ll look forward to making yogurt regularly and putting your yogurt maker to good use. Order your Yogurt Maker today and make yogurt a daily part of your life.

Important Note:

  • This 120v model is compatible with North American electricity standards. An adapter will be required for use outside the U.S.