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Room Air Purifier: 1 Unit

Room Air Purifier

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Americans spend as much as 97% of their time indoors, and researchers have found that many homes and offices have airborne pollutant levels 25 to 100 times higher than the air outside.

More than 1,500 substances may be found in the typical American home, and some of those can emit toxic fumes. Additionally, more chemicals are approved every year for use by manufacturers with little or no safety testing.

The ClearAir Room Air Purifier helps freshen the air in any room of your home or office the same why nature keeps the air clean in the earth’s forests and mountains.

Your indoor air is transformed into fresh-smelling, odorless air through the actions of two advanced technologies:

  • Needlepoint Ionization – Generates a continuous stream of millions of circulating negatively charged ions to attract particles throughout your room, causing them to quickly clump together and fall out of your breathing space.
  • Activated Oxygen – Also known as ozone, activated oxygen harnesses a unique ability to safely provide you with a clean living space by assisting with odor removal. Adjustable to provide the perfect amount for any environment.

With the ClearAir Room Air Purifier, offending particles and odors are removed from the air rather than covering them up with chemical-laden ”air-freshening“ plugins and sprays.

The ClearAir Room Air Purifier is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and laundry rooms, or any small room about 50 sq. ft. Have a larger space? Simply plug in more than one purifier, or use our ClearAir Tabletop Air Purifier.

With its space-saving size and complementary neutral color, the ClearAir Room Air Purifier fits unobtrusively into any home or office décor.

Order your ClearAir Room Air Purifiers today, and start enjoying clear, fresh air in any room or office.

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Shipping Restrictions

  • The Room Air Purifier cannot be shipped to California.
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    • Calificación del producto


    • Julie K. Comprador verificado
    • 09/29/2021
    • It worked really good initially then after 6 months it started making loud noises. I cleaned it and it still makes loud noises. It's so loud it upsets my dog so I can't use it anymore.

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    • Sue T. Comprador verificado
    • 06/15/2021
    • Excellent

      I now longer use aromatherapy to purify the air. I ordered one more for the living room.mm

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    • M R. Comprador verificado
    • 03/09/2021
    • Odd Smell

      It caused the room to smell bad. I kept it for a while to see if there would be any change but I couldn't stand the smell.

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    • Lucille A. Comprador verificado
    • 02/24/2021
    • IT WORKS!

      Purchased for bathroom . Plugged in and IMMEDIATELY could smell pure fresh air (like an open window) blowing from unit. AMAZING!!! Thank You Mercola for finding such a product.

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    • Sandy L. Comprador verificado
    • 12/08/2020
    • Fresh smell

      Bought one for the bedroom. I could actually smell the fresh air. Slept like a log. Will purchase another for the kitchen and recommend it to my family members as well.

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    • Theresa K. Comprador verificado
    • 05/21/2020
    • Room Air Purifier

      Excellent so, I order another for myself, and 2 more for my sister. She has 3 big dogs and said within 3 hours the room smelt like the outdoors. 10/10.

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    • M W. Comprador verificado
    • 04/02/2020
    • Small but mighty

      bought several of these for around the house...even have a smoker in the house so loaded up the 'smoking room' and IT WORKS! truly does smell like the 'outdoors' so don't expect any 'scent' from these. I love scents so this took me a while to get used to. it does help take the cooking smell that lingers in our kitchen away. someone in my family has a persistent cough so now they use this and cough is almost minimal so Thank you Dr Mercola!

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