Ceramic Peeler: 1 Unit

Ceramic Peeler

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Acerca de este producto

When it comes to healthy eating, fresh fruits and vegetables play a leading role in my nutritional meals as they should in yours. And a helpful tool to aid in the preparation of healthy meals is my new Ceramic Peeler.

Equipped with an ultra-sharp ceramic blade, this essential culinary tool shaves outer layers from your favorite produce with effortless speed and remarkable precision. The incredibly strong and durable blade is made of ceramic, which is second only to diamond in hardness. And it retains sharpness far longer than traditional steel blades.

The benefits don’t stop there.

My Ceramic Peeler has many advantages over traditional steel peelers:

  • Non-metallic so it won’t rust
  • Ceramic blade won't react with foods nor leach metals into the food
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handle is made from BPA-free plastic and provides a comfortable non-slip grip
  • Includes 2 extra ceramic blades

No healthy kitchen is complete without my new Ceramic Peeler; order yours today!