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Ceramic Knife Set (10 pc): 1 Set

Ceramic Knife Set

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Are you still struggling to fix healthy meals with dull, worn-out knives? Does your meal preparation take longer than it should?

High-quality knives with razor-sharp edges can make food preparation faster and more enjoyable. Ceramic Knives, the new generation of kitchen cutlery, offer many advantages over traditional steel knives. They are lightweight yet strong, non-porous, bacteria resistant, easy to clean, stain and rustproof, and don’t pick up odors.

My Ceramic Knives are ideal for the serious chef – or casual cook – who wants a wear-resistant blade that slices and dices with precision but doesn’t leach potentially dangerous heavy metals into the food.

Because my Ceramic Knives are made from ultra-hard zirconium oxide or zirconia, when properly cared for, they stay sharper longer than traditional metal knives.

With my Ceramic Knife Set, you’ll have the perfect knife for every meal preparation task. This high-quality, 10-piece set includes:

  • 7” Chef Knife
  • 6” Bread Knife
  • 5” Utility Knife
  • 4” Vegetable Knife
  • 3” Paring Knife
  • 5 custom sheaths to fit each knife

Rekindle the joy of fixing healthy meals. Order your Ceramic Knife Set today and unleash your inner chef!

Want to help your knives maintain their razor sharp edges longer? Store them safely and always within reach with my made-to-fit Acrylic Knife Holder. Order your holder along with your Ceramic Knife Set today.

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Please note that the Ceramic Knife Set cannot be shipped to Canada due to shipping restrictions.

Incluye Qty
Cuchillo Cocinero de 7” 1
Cuchillo Panero de 6” 1
Cuchillo Mondador de 5” 1
Cuchillo de Verduras de 4” 1
Cuchillo Deshuesador de 3” 1
Además, una funda para cada cuchillo 1
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    • Calificación del producto


    • Carlen F. Comprador verificado
    • 06/19/2021
    • Great knives!!!

      These re some of the best knives I have every used. I own a couple of knives that for just 1 knife, cost several times more than this entire set. I can say - I like these better. These have not chipped on me, however, I do take good care of them and clean immediately after use, then put right back in the individual sheath that comes with them. Excellent knives and exceptional value.

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    • Dawn L. Comprador verificado
    • 11/04/2020
    • Blades chip easily

      I purchased this knife set a few months ago. All of the blades chipped, the tips of all of the knives chipped off completely. I do not recommend this product.

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    • robin t. Comprador verificado
    • 08/28/2020
    • ceramic knife sets

      I gave a set of the knives as a gift about two months ago. Two of the knives have chipped on their blade. I know they have been treated well. The knives have been hand-washed , also this person is a vegetarian-so only used to cut and chop vegetables. I am disappointed in the knives and do not recommend them.

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    • Susan S. Comprador verificado
    • 07/31/2020

      These are by far the best steak knives ever! For so long now, I have been looking; but was always disappointed! NOT THIS TIME! I love the appearance of the knives! LOVE THEM!

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    • Lisa M.
    • 12/04/2019
    • Love these!

      These are so sharp and make cutting veggies and meat a breeze. I hand wash them and keep them in their provided sleeve. Have and will purchase other knife sets for gifts.

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    • Tim T. Comprador verificado
    • 11/29/2019
    • Not durable

      We purchased these knives and were impressed with the look of each knife and the various sizes, however for durability I would have to give low marks. Several have chipped and the tips are broken. I afraid to use them for fear of a piece of ceramic breaking off and gettin into my food, If you purchase these knives be careful with them and protect them from your other utensils.

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      • Atención al cliente

        We thank you for your review on the Ceramic Knife Set. The extreme hardness of this product, can cause the knives to be brittle and for this reason we do recommend handling these knives with great care.