Stop-n-Go Stool (Plastic): 1 Unit

Stop-n-Go Stool

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Acerca de este producto

You use your modern toilet without giving it much thought. But simply sitting on a modern toilet can make it more difficult to ‘go.’

Squatting can help ease the effort it takes for you to evacuate your bowel.

You can try to ‘assume’ more of a natural squatting position next time you use the toilet. But even if you have the strength to do it, with the modern toilet design, you will be hard-pressed to really be successful at it.

I believe one of your best, most practical and inexpensive solutions is the Stop-N-Go stool. It allows you to comfortably raise your knees and support your feet while sitting on the toilet. It’s a practical way to simulate squatting and still use the modern toilet you have installed. It’s a great wellness device that aids in elimination from the bowels and facilitates a healthy posture.

The Stop-N-Go

  • Allows for a natural squatting position on your existing toilet – It provides a safe platform for you to elevate your feet and legs, allowing greater flexing of your hips.
  • Helps you get to the squatting position – Stop-N-Go helps you get closer to the squatting position by simply raising your knees and resting your feet.
  • Provides a sturdy resting place for your feet – The Stop-N-Go was custom-designed to provide a stable platform to elevate your legs and safely rest your feet, while reducing potential slippage.
  • Slides conveniently out of the way when not in use – Because it smoothly wraps around most standard toilets, it’s easily stored out of the way when not in use.
  • No need for tools. Just place the Stop-N-Go in front of your toilet!
  • Fits most any budget – Without tools or expensive plumbing, this is about as inexpensive solution as you’ll find to optimize your squatting position.

If you’re serious about taking advantage of getting as close to natural squatting as possible without removing your toilet, the Stop-N-Go offers a phenomenal, inexpensive solution you can put to use immediately.

Available in two types: bamboo and BPA free, white plastic.