The Fat Switch Book

The Fat Switch Book

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Do you still believe that too many calories and too little exercise are the primary cause of obesity?

If you accept these long- and widely- held beliefs, you're not alone. Many people do… They believe that right along with losing weight requires exercise, restricting calories, and changing behaviors.

In his new book, The Fat Switch, Dr. Johnson helps decimate this flawed belief which will seriously impair you from ever achieving your ideal weight.

Dr. Johnson, through his careful review of the research, has replaced these and other myths with science-backed "truths":

  • Large portions of food and too little exercise is the result of the fat switch being turned on.
  • Metabolic Syndrome is the normal condition that animals undertake to store fat.
  • Uric acid is increased by specific foods and causes obesity and insulin resistance.
  • Fructose-containing sugars cause obesity not by calories but by turning on the fat switch.

Based on important and vital new research, Dr. Johnson offers a variety of treatments that can help reverse this switch that's keeping you from your ideal weight and body fat percentage.

By understanding these ancient protective mechanisms that we share with virtually all animals, you can now make simple changes that can promote weight loss and boost your prospects of a longer and healthier life.

And you can be assured that when you follow Dr. Johnson's easy-to-understand blueprint, you're in good hands… His numerous studies have been published in some of the most prestigious and well-respected medical and science journals in the world.

If you're tired of trying to lose weight and failing… and you'd like to finally understand why it's been so difficult for you to weight – and equally as important, keep unwanted pounds off – then The Fat Switch is for you.

It's a complex mystery but the good news is… someone has finally cracked the code. And now it can be yours.

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